Single Gay Dad Adopted And Raised A Skinny Boy Into An Olympian

Jordan Windle, a proud US Olympian who won at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, had a rough start in life. The 23-year-old diver was of Cambodian descent and the first with the background to take part in the Olympics.

The man who’s achieved so much in life, however, began his life as an orphan who almost died.

Jerry Windle, a gay man from Florida, was just your average man who dream to experience the same happiness of building his own family. But people doubted that he would ever live that kind of life because of his sexuality.

Jerry had to go through numerous hurdles due to the bureaucracy in the US to adopt, but it wasn’t until he learned about the struggles the orphans in Cambodia experienced. Jerry signed up to take part in helping out and contacted Cambodian officials.

By the summer of 2000, Jerry was under the sweltering heat of the tropical weather in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on his way to meet his future son and champion.

Jordan was a severely sick boy who weighed only 16 pounds. His health complication was worsened by the malnourishment he had. He was 2.

There were even worries that he might not survive, but Jerry gave his best to care for the boy, to give him a chance in life. He took the boy back to Florida and fast forward 5 years later, the boy was an athlete with potential.

Diving coach Ron O’Brien’s son, Tim O’Brien, took notice of the boy and that was how he joined a special diving program.

Jordan began to build his achievements in the world of diving, dubbed Little Louganis. Greg Louganis who was an LGBT activist and Olympic gold medalist also praised the boy’s wins in matches and competitions.

He indeed worked hard and finally made it to the Olympics after three trials.

The man competed for the USA, but never forget her roots as a Cambodian. The boy who lost both his parents not long after he was born showed off a flag of the Cambodian flag on his body. He also co-authored the children’s book “Orphan No More: the True Story of a Boy” with his father.

It was the story of a duck egg that nobody wanted and taken in by a rooster who proved what an amazing father he is.

“Where there is love, there is family,” the two wrote in the book. They sadly couldn’t celebrate Jerry’s birthday together, but Jordan did not forget to wish and thank the man with a heartwarming message on Instagram!

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