Triplet Toddlers Fell In Love With Garbage Man Years Ago — Now, The Four Are Reunited!

Recently, triplets from Florida reunited with their favorite garbage truck driver after four years and picked up right where they left off.

“True friendship lasts a lifetime. Years can pass, but the love always stays the same.” Tony Parker from the City of Orlando garbage collection will totally agree with this saying.

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For many years this man would arrive in front of the Wierenicz home and there would always be three anxious triplets waiting for him. However, when his route was changed, triplets Olivia, Emma, and Axel Wierenicz really missed him.

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Just for fun, the kids’s mother, Carla Wierenicz, posted an old video of Tony running up and hugging her 3-year-old kids on Instagram. However, when city officials saw this video, they made an unexpected decision. Accordingly, they arranged for a special stop for Parker at the triplets’ house so that he could see his young friends again.

“Every day, they would come out and if they missed me, their mother had to get in the car and circle the neighborhood until they found me,” Tony reacalled.

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Just like old times, Olivia, Emma, and Axel Wierenicz did all the things they used to do when they saw Tony. From climbing up into the truck to honking the horn, it was a magical moment for the now-7-year-olds. The triplets even continued their races to the end of the street.

For the special occasion, they also exchanged gifts. Tony brought them City of Orlando toy dump trucks and t-shirts. The triplets gave Tony drawings they spent the night making for him.

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“I love it, I’m going to hang it on my wall,” Tony said of their artwork.

According to Carla, Tony was grateful for the appreciation of the triplets and always welcomed their interactions.

“He loved those kids so much, and the kids love him; he was the kids’ hero,” said Carla.

Source: Youtube

Garbage collection is not a glamorous job and includes picking up items that people no longer want, but Tony picked up something so much more valuable along his route years ago.

“I picked up joy, I picked up happiness, I picked up memories,” he said.

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