Rapper Khia 20 Year Beef With Rapper Trina Seems Like It’ll Never End, If It’s Up To Khia

Rap beefs are not uncommon, particularly in the female rap space. The women in hip-hop seem to always have an issue with each other. Often times their problems extend back years. For Khia and Trina, it has been almost 20 years since they first found themselves at odds. While Trina seems to be taking the high road, Khia has not been shy about trying to escalate their issues and has said some pretty outrageous things about Trina.

Katrina Laverne Taylor, aka Trina, got her start in 1998 when she found success alongside her friend and frequent collaborator Trick Daddy. From there, the Miami MC has remained a fixture in hip-hop through her hits and dating life. One of Trina’s most notable hits was “Da Baddest B,” released in 1999 off her debut album of the same name. While Trina is the only credited writer on it; it appears Khia has been claiming to be the real pen behind the song.

Khia Shamone Finch is a fellow female rapper from Florida who has been present on the music scene for decades. While her debut album did not come out till two years after Trina’s, it appears Khia was busy behind the scenes writing and developing her brand. She would eventually score her own signature record, “My Neck My Back,” but has always been sour about not being credited or Trina’s song.

In recent years Khia has become a social media fixture and is known for provoking others with her scathing rants on her series Khia MotorMoufTV. After the Verzuz series came out, she made it clear she wanted to face off with Trina and has been taunting her ever since. Khia’s remarks against Trina have consisted of some pretty heavy allegations. In one video, Khia claims that Trina sacrificed her mother for success in the music industry. She’s also claimed that Trina has [health issues] and suffers from seizures.

Khia says, “Trina is losing everything. Her hair, her teeth, her deals, her friends, her writers, her fans.” Khia also talked about a pregnancy that Trina lost and rumors that she has been romantically involved with fellow female rappers Missy Elliot and Da Brat. Fans in the comments did not think it was super funny and called Khia out for her nasty remarks. “I’m all for a gag, but Khia better be careful–God forbid something terrible happens to her kids or grandkids. What goes around…comes around.”

Trina’s mother passed in 2020 due to cancer. She’s been very vocal about how her mom’s passing impacted her career and life, even admitting that she no longer wanted to have children as a result. Trina has gotten word about some of the things Khia has been saying about her and admits that while she is not afraid to face any female rapper, the things Khia has said about her make it impossible to have a civilized song face off.

While speaking to Drink Champs, Trina said, “when it comes to this particular person, the level of disrespect is beyond. I don’t know you. If I don’t know you, I’m not entertaining or feeding into you.” Looks like Khia will never get the response she wants.

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