Influencer Left In Tears After Her ‘Dream’ Bali Tattoo Turns Into A Horrible Mishap

The Australian influencer experienced a tattoo mishap that left her shattered during her vacation in Bali. Tia Kabir, 19, with a TikTok of 90,000, shared her disappointment as she revealed the tattoo artist unilaterally changed her desired design without her permission.

The teen had dreamt of having the phrase ‘Angel Energy’ permanently inked on her right forearm.

“So, I came to Bali to get a tattoo, right, and I’ve been dreaming to get this tattoo because I just don’t get tattoos all the time,” she said in the now-viral clip. “I get one every few months, and it’s supposed to say ‘Angel Energy’, and now it just says ‘Energy Angel’. Most of Tia’s audience pointed out she should’ve approved the ink before the tattoo even commenced.

A user wrote: “You’re meant to check it before they start, so this is not the tattooist’s fault you should check any work before you let them start.” Another said: “Do people not look at their stencil before being tattooed? that’s literally one of the first steps to getting tatted.” While a third gave a piece of advice: “Moral of the story, get tattoos in your own country.”

In her interview with, The Canberra teen explained she had a piece of paper that said ‘Angel Energy’ on it, but it was a little too big on the arm after the stencil was placed.

She further told the publication, “So after they made it a tiny bit smaller, somehow it flipped around saying ‘Energy Angel’ but I didn’t notice. It was only after it was done that, I checked it. It put me into shock.” Having seen the mistake, Tia admitted to crying out loud, which she said caught the attention of other customers. “Even the staff were laughing and talking in their local language which brought me to tears,” she said.

She added, “After asking reception what could be done the best, I was told is that it has a different meaning and that the English is the other way around.” Tia further stated the staff shared she was entitled to a refund, but they refused it the next day when she returned. “It’s been a wild journey receiving this tattoo but it may have even more meaning to me having all these opinions and outrage on it, but in the end, it will never be the same for what I asked for, and it’s forever on my body.”

Tia has since amended the ink to read ‘Energy of an Angel’, and in a separate interview with Ladbible, the OnlyFans model told the publication she may even make further changes to fix the ‘monstrosity. “I will be looking at tattoos in the near future on my forearms, possibly Angel wings, and may even have it blended over the terrible monstrosity they have created on my arm,” she said, adding that the tattoo artist had to revise her stencil three times before inking the tattoo on her arm.

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