8 Signs Your Man Is Not FAKING His Love For You, He’s Really Into You

1. He’s willing to sacrifice for you.
A man in love wants to do all he can to make his lady happy and is willing to make great sacrifices for her. In a fulfilling and lasting relationship, each gladly sacrifices for the other. When your man does something for you, whether it’s something grand or doing the dishes, he’s telling you he loves you. Sacrificing for the one you love is selfless and takes maturity. It shouldn’t be a one-way street.

2. He shows you respect.
Respect is one of the ultimate expressions that should be mutual in a relationship. Your man never should put you down in front of others or call you rude names even in a fight. He will show you respect by opening a door for you even by just doing a little errand you haven’t gotten around to.

3. He’s a good listener.
If your guy really listens to you, he’s a keeper. This is particularly true if he doesn’t give his full attention to many people. This can be demonstrated in countless small ways. If you’ve said you love lilies but aren’t fond of roses and he gives you lilies for Valentine’s Day, he heard what you said. If he remembers you talking about something you’ve always wanted to do and makes it happen, he’s deeply in love.

4. He brags about you.
He’s proud of the woman he loves. When he tells a friend about how smart you are, how great you cook or what a wonderful mom you are, he’s saying “I love you and I’m proud of you.” Treasure these words. Be proud of him also.

5. He values your opinions.
He values your ideas by taking time to listen to them and why you feel the way that you do. He often will even take note of your opinions. For example, he may have a big presentation at work, and you offer a suggestion. You know he values your thoughts when he uses that suggestion on something so significant.

6. He pays attention to detail.
Though sometimes men might seem to forget the little things, it does not mean that they really did. He may notice a change in your appearance or make an effort to do little things for you.

7. He respects your friends and family.
He’ll be civil and show respect. He doesn’t want unnecessary conflict with others to damage his relationship with you. It could happen that someone you care about doesn’t really care about you. If he sees someone hurting you, even if it’s someone you care about, he’ll be conflicted between protecting you and respecting that person. In all likelihood, he’ll choose to protect you out of love.

8. He accommodates to your quirky habits.
Do you have some things that you do that ultimately drives your man nuts? Do you sleep in a face mask or note that you always have to check the door three times to make sure it’s locked? Maybe you only do laundry on certain days, or you have to sit in a specific spot at a movie theater. He will not mind if he really loves you. To some men, it may be annoying. To a man that genuinely loves you, it is the little quirks he likes about you.

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