Man Asks If He’s In The Wrong For Seeing His Dying Father Over Witnessing His Child’s Birth

Unsurprisingly, family feuds often appear, as do tricky situations that arise around the big moments in life, such as weddings and birthdays.

But one user came to the forum in April 2019 with a particularly challenging situation. It concerned not only the birth of his child but also the death of his father. On Reddit, he wrote:

“I had to make the hardest decision of my life a week ago and i want some AITA judgment to see if i made the right decision so please don’t remove and say it needs to go tinto another subreddit cuz i’ll post there too

My wife went into labor a few weeks earlier then expected and she ended up giving birth at the hospital. The day it happened she told me that she was in the hospital and needed me however i had just left the house an half hour prior to go see my father who was likely about to die (he did a few hours after i arrived). I decided to see my father one last time and i felt like it was more important than seeing my child’s birth because i will raise him and see him everyday for the next 18+ years and i really need to say some things to my father before he dies.

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My wife and the rest of her family are fucking pissed at me and said that birth is one of the most important parts of our lives and i needed to be there to support my wife and see the child. Obviously i didn’t want this shit to happen but i felt seeing my father for the last time was important especially since i hadn’t seen him in weeks and we weren’t on good terms then which we eventually resolved thankfully.

If you’d like to provide any advice you’re welcome to as i could use some but I’m mainly here for judgment.”

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