Chanel West Coast needs opinions in peek-a-boo bikini

Chanel West Coast is asking for input as she shows off her stripy bikini. The 32-year-old rapper and Ridiculousness star spent the weekend at an Austin, TX pool party, one seeing the MTV face dressed appropriately for the water and definitely showing off the results of her pandemic workouts.

Posting for her 3.5 million Instagram followers, the “Black Roses” hit-maker dropped three photos, also admitting that she can never “pick” a favorite. West Coast, who has been jokingly renaming herself Chanel East Coast amid her 2021 move to Miami, posed poolside with a fierce peep-hole bikini getup, telling fans:

Chanel West Coast brings itty-bitty bikini heat
The opening shot showed West Coast looking fierce as she rocked a multicolor, striped, and bandeau-style two-piece, one that came with a stylish hoop bust detail. The L.A. native, also wearing a matching sarong, took center stage amid a crowd of party-goers, also wearing statement shades. The post was quickly spotted by YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who left a like.

If you don’t live inside Chanel’s Instagram, the whole asking for faves thing is a repeat thing. On June 27, the rapper crouched down on-set and in nova check Burberry shorts as she asked: “Pic 1/2 tho?”

The photos come amid a string of gigs Chanel has been enjoying. The rapper has also been reassuring fans that she’s fully vaccinated – fans may well remember West Coast last year yelling at cops as her birthday party was shut down by the LAPD. The mouthy celebrity told local law enforcement to head to Mulholland Drive where she alleged a party was 300-people strong.

“So if you guys really want to break up some chaos that’s gonna cause corona, you should go to the parties that are actually with like extensive amounts of people,” she said, adding that she was offering the cops “tips.”

Chanel continues to enjoy success amid the 2020 release of her America’s Sweetheart album, a 19-track EP that came out after a four-year delay. In a shocking podcast reveal as she spoke to Angela Yee, Chanel revealed producers have told her to basically rap less and “sing more.” The latter shows a beautiful voice on Chanel’s “Vinyl” track.

Fans responding to the pool party post did offer their “faves,” but many seemed to have missed the caption, merely sending the LOL Cartel founder fire and heart emoji.

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