Lil Nas X Says He’s Done With LGBT Community After Saweetie Names Him Her Celebrity Crush

Lil Nas X may have used his preference to up his pop star status. However, many people believe it has all been an elaborate prank and that the “Old Town Road” hitmaker doesn not like men and just trolling everyone. After months of curiosity, Nas reveals he might actually denounce his preference since rapper Saweetie recently named him her celebrity crush

Lil Nas X had nothing to lose when revealing he was gay in 2019. he already had the longest-running #1 single of all time and was gearing up for his debut album when he decided to come out on the last day of Pride Month. Since then, he has been very vocal about his preference and used it as a prop and stunt for various viral moments, videos, and performances. This included him twerking for sa-tan in his underwear, his elaborate Maury relationship episode, and of course, his “Industry Baby” video.

When accused of “not really being liking men,” by a Twitter troll earlier this month, Nas delivered a classy clap back. After calling one fan an “estrogen expert” for questioning his femininity, he continued to double down, posting a video of him previewing new music while on tour. Only a few days ago, he was getting tons of hate from fans after making a joke about transitioning by sharing a photo of a woman who bared a striking resemblance to him.

After being called fake gay, it is understandable why Lil Nas X probably wants out of the queer community. He might have found the perfect reason to leave. Saweetie recently confessed to Lil Nas X being her celebrity crush. She claims that Nas is “so fine” and looks “better than” her.

“It’s the skin for me; what’s your skin regimen,” she said in an E! News interview. Upon seeing her interview, Nas tweeted, “goodbye LGBT community, we had a great run.” One person responded, “I knew you’d turn on us,” while another said, “we still gotta B!” for bisexual. It’s not the only time Nas has brought doubts about his preference. He posted a child a few weeks ago, claiming it to be his son.

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