Don’t Marry a Woman Who has These 10 Habits

Marriage is one of the most important processes in ‏life, most of the separations in the marriage process go back to the fact that we choose only on the basis of the beauty of our spouse. So if you want to have a successful marriage you need to first know how compatible the person you have chosen is with you.

1-The woman only cares about her feeling.

Don’t marry the woman who always says (me) , doesn’t care about your feelings and thoughts, she just wants you to do what makes her happy.

‎2-‏The woman who only thinks of wealth and possessions.

‎‏There is no happiness in life when your wife is just thinking about money

3-‏The woman who is always dissatisfied and pessimistic.

No matter how good you do it, it is always dissatisfying and it doesn’t matter how much you try to please it.

‎4-‏The woman who doesn’t obey you.

she always does things you don’t like and doesn’t care how you feel

‎5- The $ women

The woman who always asks for expensive accessories and cars
Because if you don’t do what she want, she will go away.

‎6-‏The woman who tells all her secrets to her friends.

You can’t have a private own life because your wife tells everything to her friends

‎7-‏The woman who think she’s always right.

‎‏Because she always thinks she’s right and you’re wrong, she doesn’t care about your thoughts and opinions.

8-Don’t marry a woman who is wasting a lot of money.

9- Negative women.

Don’t marry a woman who always talks negatively about you and your actions

‎10-‏Don’t marry a woman who wants to keep you away from your family.

Because your family always wants the best for you, you shouldn’t marry someone who keeps you away from your loved ones.

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