Unfiltered Depiction of How True Love Looks Like Through Artworks (25 Pics)

With the presence of social media, couples can just easily curate their relationship online, showing only the picture-perfect moments. We all know that every relationship has flaws beyond the lens of the camera.

An artist based in Los Angeles, California, named Amanda Oleander (instagram.com/amandaoleander), portrays how true love looks like through her spectacular artwork.

Here at Viral Strange, we collected 25 photos of her amazing works:

1.True love means accepting everything about your partner.

artwork of a man kissing a woman's hairy legs on the couch

Loving someone entails accepting everything about them, even the unwanted parts like the body hairs and all that. It does not make your partner any less if she has that. We have to normalize that instead.

2. Smelling her hair.

artwork of a man smelling a woman's hair
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Smelling her hair that smells good feels comforting and boosts your mood.

3. Eating is better if we do it together.

artwork of a couple eating burger and fries
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

It is always the simplest moments that matter in a relationship. It is not about how expensive you are eating, but the genuine bonding you share.

4. The goofy moments you have are priceless.

artwork of a woman riding her man's back
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

You don’t act serious in a relationship all the time. There should be playful moments to add fun to it.

5. The joy of doing simple things together.

artwork of a man and woman brushing their teeth together
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

When you truly love someone, they actually give you joy in whatever you do. Doing things with them seems effortless at all.

6. The random hugs you give.

artwork of a woman hugging a man while he is shaving facial hair
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

That feeling that you can’t stop hugging him because you love him so much. The warmth and affection are so real that you can’t help but feel really happy.

7. Cooking together is sweeter.

artwork of a couple cooking together
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but why not cook together. It makes the job easier and faster. It also gives you more time to connect.

8. Doing favors for one another.

artwork of a woman trimming his man's hair
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

It is the selfless act that you want to do for your partner. You wanted them to be on the best version of himself most especially during this time of the pandemic.

9. Pricking your partner’s blackheads.

woman pricking her man's blackheads
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Loving someone means you don’t feel disgusted with their imperfections. You embrace them with all your heart.

10. Sleeping with her hair on your face.

artwork of a man and a woman sleeping together with her hair on his face
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

True love means accepting that there will little inconvenience that you have to deal with sometimes. You do not complain because you love the person so much.

11. When he comes home and brings you food.

artwork of a man bringing food to his woman
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Surprises make the relationship more exciting. You do not have to buy her an expensive gift. Treating her with food is more than enough.

12. Midnight snacking together.

artwork of a couple eating pizza together
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

True love means gaining weight together and pampering each other. One of the best feelings is when you treat yourself to pizza when you suddenly felt bored.

13. Late night deep talks.

artwork of a couple in bed talking
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

One of the best things to do as a couple is to talk about anything. It feels great to know your plans and dreams for each other. It is exciting to challenge each other’s opinions on some matters.

14. Forehead kisses are the sweetest.

artwork of a man kissing his woman's forehead in the bed
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

A forehead kiss makes you feel respected and valued. You feel like you in your safest zone when your man does that.

15. Hugging each other for warmth.

artwork of a man and woman hugging near a fireplace
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Nothing feels better than wrapping your arms with each other. The feeling that elicits is priceless knowing that you are sharing a special moment with the one you love. Sharing each other’s warmth is so comforting.

16. Having someone who can connect with you.

artwork of a couple in bed touching each other's brain
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Being with someone who connects with you effortlessly is the best. When he talks with sense and you both learn from each other is priceless. You deserve someone who can challenge your ideas and beliefs.

17. Being there for each other during dark times.

artwork of a couple crying together
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

There will be difficult times in your relationship, but you will get through everything because you have each other. A big storm is nothing because your love for each other is bigger.

18. Crying because of happiness.

artwork of a woman crying because of happiness while sleeping with her man
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

At some point in the relationship, you can’t help but cry because of how he made you believe in love again. You tend to question what you did to deserve him. One thing for sure, he is the right one for you after all the heartbreaks.

19. The random stares you do for each other.

artwork of a man and woman staring with each other
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

The stares you do for each other because you both know you deserve each other so much. You are blessed to have each other because you complement each other effortlessly.

19. You complement each other.

artwork of a woman with electrical outlet on her stomach and a man with electrical cord on his stomach
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

You complement each other in a way that you are a perfect fit. You complement each other’s weaknesses all the time.

20. Growing together.

artwork of a man watering the plants on a woman's head
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

True love means helping one another. It is about growing and watering one another to bloom.

21. The roots in your relationship are deeply rooted.

artwork of a man and woman kissing with roots in their bodies
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

When you are with your one true love, the connection that you have is unbreakable. They may try to tear you apart, but they will never succeed. The power of love is strongest when it is real.

22. Be there for him too.

artwork of a woman watering the plants on a man's head
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Your man has dark days too. Make sure to be there for him. No matter how strong a man is, he also needs someone who will lift him.

23. Being pregnant is a blessing.

artwork of a man and a pregnant woman sleeping together
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

It is surely full of excitement when you are both expecting a new addition to the family. It will be a challenging ride, but it will be worth it.

24. Looking at baby photographs.

artwork of a couple looking at baby photographs in bed
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

It feels good to see the baby photographs. When your partner makes you feel that he will be with you throughout, that makes the whole process easier.

25. Listening to the baby kicks.

artwork of a pregnant woman with his man listening to her womb
© Amanda Oleander ‏/ Instagram

Building a family together is a challenge, but everything will fall in its perfect place when you have each other. A new chapter will unfold and it will be full of happiness and hope.

Love is never perfect, but what is important is that you celebrate simple joys. It is with appreciating the simple things that make you appreciate each other even more. It is the genuine connection you share that makes you unbreakable.

Always be ready to make sacrifices for one another. It will never be a perfect journey for both of you, but it will be smooth-sailing since you have one another. 

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