17 Things Women Want To Hear In Bed

A Reddit user asked her women followers to share what they want their partners to say in the bedroom. Viral Strange will list the top answers.

1. A deleted user:

“It depends entirely on the relationship. But as a general, we don’t want you to be a silent jackhammering machine. We want noise too- moans or cussing, etc.”

2. Nikkomus:

“I’m not typically into talking during $ex (me or my partner) but I once had a dude tell me I was a goddess while I was on top of him. Instant confidence boost, felt 10,000% sexier.”

3. Chameleon777:

“You know those sounds you like to hear from your GF when yer doing a good job? The male version of those noises works for her.”

waldryano / Pixabay

4. Mochimant:

“You don’t need to say anything, just express that she’s making you feel good. It isn’t weird for guys to moan, in fact for many women it’s a huge turn-on. I personally like it when my partner moans ‘f***’ or ‘oh my god’ etc because I enjoy pleasuring him. Any kind of positive feedback is great.”

5. epauls02:

“Don’t know why guys think making whatever sounds feel natural is not allowed. Some moaning or grunting can be hot. Or if you’ve got a dynamic going you can verbally play into that.”

6. Sammi2005-2019:

“Softly whisper the lyrics to cotton eyed joe”

7. IDontHave20Letters:

“Words aren’t necessary but if you’re feeling pleased do vocalize it. Silence or just looking at me is odd. I want feedback.”
“Say what feels good, if you want me to do something or stop doing something. Moan, groan, swearing (i know it’s not just me who loves it when they’re so turned on the whisper ‘f***’. Makes me feel very confident). Communication is a turn-on. Say our names will make us crazy.”
“Or tell me a joke damnit! Laughter is great just not every single time.”

8. HotWifeZoe:

“I like my guys to let me know that they’re enjoying themselves just as much as I am. I like it when they moan, let some expletives slip, or say my name, and I even like it when they tell me what they’re about to do to me next. 😈”

macadam13 / Pixabay

9. Paulythorsen:

“I love you”

10. Sgarden91:

“I cleaned the bathroom and took care of the dishes.”

11. MayUrSh*tsHavAntlers:

“Instruct me like it’s my first time. I want to know exactly what you want.”

12. BeeswithWifi:

“Tell me how hot you find me.”

13. Mechanicalgoff:

“I don’t care, just make SOME noise. A silent partner makes me feel like they’re not that into it.”

Counselling / Pixabay

14. big_white_fishie:

“I want them to hold me close and whisper ‘my preciousssssssss’”

15. screamqueen87:

“My boyfriend will sometimes make this very slight almost animalistic growl that I can’t get enough of.”

16. JennaLS:

“Words are good and all but for most guys, let’s start with sounds first”

17. mandrews122166:

“I like to see his reaction to what he’s feeling more than words.”

What about you ladies? What do you want to hear from your partner in the bedroom? Don’t be shy and let us know in the comments!

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