Delivery driver asks for tip before handing over pizza – customer’s response divides internet

A viral video shows a pizza delivery driver asking for a tip before handing over the customer’s food, and the exchange has divided viewers.

For many of us, there are days when cooking is the last thing we want to be doing. So instead, we get on the phone and order our favorite takeout.

As Hollywood star Anna Kendrick once said in a video detailing her shower thoughts: “If I touch my phone in the right places, pizza will show up at my front door.”

But one thing that does need to be taken into account is that ordering food can often be a costly endeavor even before factoring in a tip for the delivery driver.

So when a video uploaded to TikTok showed a Domino’s delivery driver asking for a tip before handing over the food – the internet had something to say.

Watch the awkward interaction below:

The viral video has been viewed over 5.3 million times and has received over 450,000 likes. It has the caption: “Umm…. The entitlement is killing me,” but who is that referring to?

Before the customer has the pizza in her hands, the delivery driver simply states “tip?” and then refers to the car on the driveway, indicating that she could have collected the order herself.

The customer – clearly not interested in engaging in the conversation – states that she has paid for the convenience of getting it delivered.

She then shuts her front door wishing the Domino’s employee well but the driver tells her through gritted teeth that she should come and get her own pizza next time.

It’s unclear what was on the pizza – but the comment section is where it gets really spicy with viewers sliced down the middle about the interaction.

Some were on the side of the customer, with one person stating: “If someone literally said “tip?” to me before I had the chance to even reach in my pocket and grab it, I simply wouldn’t give it to her anymore,” with a second adding: “Who asks for a tip BEFORE giving the pizza though?”

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Credit: TikTok

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However, others were on the team of the delivery driver: “Lol, you’re cheap!! Lmao! Who doesn’t tip?!?” one person stated, with another added: “I would never not tip someone that brought me my food. Especially in the snow.”

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Credit: TikTok

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