TLC’s T-Boz Issues Warning To Parents After Her 22-Year-Old Daughter Is Targeted

TLC star Tionne T-Boz Watkins is issuing a stern warning to her followers after an incident involving her daughter. The “Creep” vocalist says she believes her baby girl was being targeted by people looking to take her for nefarious reasons. T-Boz jumped on her IG story to let her fans know what her daughter went through and what they should be looking out for.

Speaking to fans from her own vehicle, T-Boz opens up about what her daughter Chase Anela Rolison went through. While heading home from a doctor’s appointment, Chase noticed something on her windshield. “My daughter was leaving the doctors office and when she came to the car she had a weird thing on her windshield wiper, so instead of touching because when you do they wll have some type of substance on there that will knock you out.” According to T-Boz, traffickers typically target women by tying something to their cars with a chemical that can render you unconscious if you touch it. Rather than remove it there, Chase drove to a more crowded public location and knocked the item off her car.

According to several sites, this is a common form of distraction for people trying to capture someone. Most times, the item is an article of clothing wrapped around their windshield wiper. While the person struggles to remove it, someone runs up on you and knocks you out, and takes you away. One woman reportedly found a ring on her windshield wiper. When she attempted to remove it, two cars came out of nowhere and tried to box her in. T-Boz says she is even aware of people putting trackers on women’s cars and advised those with male figures in their lives to check their vehicles for any type of tracking device.

People in the comments expressed their shock that Chase went through this and are happy that she is safe. “That’s scary. Her dad is not gonna play around. Glad she’s safe 💜🙏🏽,” said one fan. Others shared their own accounts of similar situations. “Something similar happened to me. I drove to the police station, and they tried to act like I was being paranoid or crazy.”

Other fans think T-Boz might just be paranoid and asked, “Ok, serious question. Could it have just been a flyer? Or did TBoz also share the part where they tested the paper, and it HAD drugs on it?” Despite the close call, T-Boz’s daughter is currently safe.

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