Toddler hit by car and killed while he walked into his birthday party

A three-year-old boy was fatally struck by a car last weekend in a San Diego parking lot while he was walking into his birthday party.

Josiah Toleafoa died after being hit by a 36-year-old unnamed driver on May 27 as the little one and his family were about to enter the birthday venue – the Play City indoor amusement park.

Speaking to NBC4, an onlooker said the boy’s mother was hysterically crying as paramedics did their best to save the toddler.

“It’s heartbreaking, I have a kid myself, I have two kids and so I feel for those parents. and it’s all the time,” said Theresa Arrocha, a local woman who was caught up in a hit-and-run in the same parking lot.

She recalled witnessing drivers acting “crazy” and having a complete disregard for others people’s safety.

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Credit: GoFundMe

The driver has not been charged following the incident.

The shopping center – which is in Eastlake, a neighborhood of Chula Vista – often sees young children running around due to its SkyZone, Speed Circuit and Play City.

“Cars sometimes drive maybe over the speed limit with no intention of stopping. They look at you crazy, they just don’t care,” Arrocha told CBS 8.

On Monday, police lines were still visible in the parking lot and showed the specific area in the lot where the collision took place.

It is not yet known whether Josiah was crossing traffic or if he was behind a vehicle at the time of the fatal ordeal.

According to a GoFundMe fundraiser set up by Josiah’s aunt Tatiana Toleafoa, he was immediately taken to Rady Children’s Hospital after the accident, where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

Toleafoa wrote: “We’re doing this gofundme to help with my sweet nephew’s funeral expenses and services for the little angel that touched so many lives in so many different ways before he was called to Heaven.

“Any amount would help, anything at all. We are so thankful to have loving family and friends to be with us and love us through this horrible tragedy and want to be able to put him to rest to say goodbye and never forget the little boy who loved with a tremendous heart.”

Toleafoa confirmed in the description of the fundraising site that the family was there to celebrate the youngster’s birthday. A post on Facebook suggests the day he died was Josiah’s actual birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my firstborn nephew Josiah,” she wrote. “3 years old already.”

In an update to GoFundMe, which raised a total of $26,762, the grieving aunt wrote: “Our family is so very grateful for the blessings you all have contributed, whether you set a prayer, shared our little angels story, donated to gofundme, and started a fundraiser at your church or community. It has been such a blessing to have support from all of you.

“The day we honor our sweet little Angel Josiah is coming soon. We have not decided on a date to lay him to rest yet as we are making the arrangements for an exceptional Celebration of Life for our beloved Josiah. Thank you all so much again and blessed be.”

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