Xscape Members Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott’s Dressing Room Altercation Resurfaces Amid Groups Beef

The ladies of Xscape are much more known for their reality television hits than their radio ones. The foursome is ripe with behind-the-scenes drama that has helped them become massive successes on the small screen. Tiny Harris and Kandi Burruss are currently starring alongside sisters LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott on the series SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B. The Bravo series is letting us in on all types of drama, including an altercation between members dating back a few years.

Xscape was the brainchild of super producer Jermaine Dupri. He saw the potential for his own TLC or En Vogue, and between the four women, he had all the right elements to achieve just that. Kandi Burruss stood out as the group’s most accessible vocalist, being able to mimic the signature T-Boz sound easiest and standing out as their key songwriting. This put her immediately at odds with LaTocha Scott, who was touted as the group’s powerhouse.

In-fighting would eventually lead the ladies to break up. The reasoning behind this would vary over the years. While some sources say that LaTocha’s solo ambitions derailed the group, others argue that it was Kandi’s physical relationship with Jermaine Dupri that did it. Whatever the case, the girls would part, and Kandi and Tiny would go on to score a major win as the writers behind TLC’s “No Scrubs.” Kandi would continue to pen hits for others, and the two girls would find themselves at the center of the reality television boom of the 2010s—Kandi with Real Housewives and Tiny through various programs with her husband T.I.

Desperate for their own spotlight, sisters Tamika and LaTocha would do interviews over the years that would try to shed light on the group’s split. In one interview, Tamika doubled down on rumors of Kandi and Jermaine’s relationship being the catalyst for the group’s breakup. Not only did she sleep with Jermaine, Tamika also alleges that she slept with his father too, music industry exec Michael Mauldin.

The ladies have since reunited in a string of reality shows and interviews where they squashed the beef, but it seems like problems continue to follow them. Currently, sisters LaTocha and Tamika are fighting over issues with their mother and stolen money. Tamika claims that LaTocha was cashing royalty checks that were meant for her. In total, Tamika says she lost $30k to her sibling. “When you stole my money, mama didn’t say nothing. When you and Rocky stole my money, mama didn’t say nothing. Mama got quiet just like she quiet now,” she revealed during an explosive scene.

While this altercation did not end in blows, it is not uncommon for the ladies of Xscape to lay hands on each other. In 2020, Tiny revealed that Kandi and Tameka got into a fist fight. While she kept details light (possibly due to their upcoming biopic and ongoing reality shows), Tiny says that Kandi and Tameka turned a room upside down during a rehearsal.

She says that she and Kandi have also laid hands on each other, but their spat was light due to her being pregnant.

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