‘Milkshake’ Singer Kelis, 43, Dating Bill Murray, 72, Despite Their 29-Year Age Gap

The pair sparked age gap romance rumors after Bill Murray watched the “Bossy” singer perform at a recent show at the Mighty Hoopla festival in South London. Now, it’s confirmed that the Ghostbusters actor, 72 in an age-gap relationship with Kelis. Bill had also been seen supporting the singer at some of her other performances.

Sources close to the pair spoke of the age gap romance, claiming Bill and Kelis have been seen at the same hotel and have been getting close for a while.

‘Milkshake’ Singer Kelis, 43, Dating Bill Murray, 72, Despite Their 29-Year Age Gap

The source told The US Sun, ‘They’ve met up in the States before which got people in the industry talking, and now are meeting up in London while they’re both here. They’ve clearly hit it off. “They were both seen at the same hotel, and he’s been to watch her perform several times before he went to Mighty Hoopla. But they’ve also both shared relatively recent bereavements and have that common bond between them.’

The source added, “Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it seems, they are both single and are having fun despite the fairly big age gap.”

‘Milkshake’ Singer Kelis, 43, Dating Bill Murray, 72, Despite Their 29-Year Age Gap

Bill’s alleged age-gap romance comes amid serious allegations of inappropriate acts while on set. While filming on “Being Mortal”, in April, Bill got suspended after he was accused of hurling a glass ashtray at co-star Richard Dreyfuss and even threatened to throw the film’s female producer across a parking lot. He was also accused of being touchy with several women during filming for Aziz Ansari’s movie.

A source told Page Six, “He was very hands-on touchy, not in any personal areas, but put an arm around a woman, touched her hair, pulled her ponytail — but always in a comedic way. “It is a fine line and everybody loves Bill, but while his conduct is not illegal, some women felt uncomfortable and he crossed a line.” In May, Bill himself addressed the claims, insisting he did something he thought was hilarious. However, he was married to Margaret Kelly from 1981 to 1996, before moving on to Jennifer Butler.

Following reports of the budding romance, fans have taken to Twitter with all sorts of reactions. See them below!


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