A divorce petition is presented one day by a couple in their 70s to a lawyer’s office. After speaking with them, the lawyer comprehended what they were saying and was no longer startled. The last 40 years of their marriage were difficult for this couple to find common ground.

They stayed together for the sake of their children’s development and for their own reasons. However, nothing else is holding them together now that their kids are grown and have families of their own. They merely desired to live their own lives free of the sadness they had previously experienced.

The lawyer attempted to complete the paperwork but was perplexed by the couple’s continued desire for a divorce.

As she signed the documents, the woman told her husband, “I absolutely love you, but I just can’t continue on anymore.” Saying “Please accept my sincere apologies.” The partner replied, “I get it.” The attorney asked if they would want to go to supper with him. They agreed, but there was a protracted awkward period when they arrived at the restaurant. Their first entrĂ©e was roast chicken. He gave his wife the drumstick as soon as it was delivered, saying, “Take this, it’s your favorite.”

The lawyer continued to believe they had a chance after this, but the wife responded, “This is usually the problem.” You never paid attention to how I felt since you always had such high standards for yourself. I assume you are aware of my dislike of drumsticks. She was unaware that her husband loved drumsticks, that he genuinely wanted the best for her, and that he was genuinely attempting to win her over.

That night, as they toss and turned in their mattresses, they both had trouble falling asleep. He was unable to keep quiet any longer because of the fear of losing her and having to live the rest of his life without her. He wanted to call her and tell her how much he still loved her.

When he tried to call her, she didn’t answer.

She was, however, quite depressed because she wondered why, after all these years, he still didn’t understand her. She thought there was no use in speaking further now that she was certain it was him. But she didn’t know he had heart problems.

The next day, she discovered he had passed away. While still holding her phone, she went over to his house where she found his body on the couch. He suffered a heart attack as he raced to reach her.

She had to get rid of his belongings despite her anguish. Searching the drawers, she found a policy that began on the day of their wedding. She listed a beneficiary. There was also a note that said:

I’m sure I won’t be present when you read this, my most cherished wife. I bought this policy for you. I’m hoping it will allow me to fulfill the promise I made to my spouse when we got married, even though it’s only $100k. I want this money to continue taking care of you in the same way that I would if I had more time to live even if I might not be here anymore. “I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will be by your side. I treasure you.

The river of tears flowed.

“Tell someone when you love them… You can never predict what will happen at any given time. Develop your ability to work in a group. Love one another more… just how they are. not in the current state.

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