Tamika Scott Details How Her Sister LaTocha Scott Allegedly Defrauded Her Of $30,000 – Fake signatures, Fake emails, Changed Address

Chile this is a mess! Tamika Scott detailed exactly how her sister LaTocha allegedly defrauded her of 30K, and the details are crazy.

In a new interview with Access Atlanta, she explained why she is accusing her sister LaTocha of stealing her money giving us the background on the source of the checks and how they investigated the alleged fraud.

Here is the background

The ladies shared that there are a ton of layers to the story.

Back in the day, Tiny’s mother found out about the company Sound Exchange.

Formulated in the early 2000’s they would collect performance royalties for artists who had their music playing on the radio and at the same time performing at different venues.

Tiny’s mother ensured that the girls were signed up to receive checks for their artistry.

Kandi explained that by the time they found out about Sound Exchange, the company had already started collecting money that they would eventually receive.

All of the ladies received checks except for Tamika.

Tamika did not realize she was not receiving her checks until Tiny’s mother called her to follow up a few years later.

When she told tiny’s mom that she wasn’t receiving any money, Tiny’s mother immediately got on the phone to find out where the checks were and why Tamika wasn’t receiving hers.

That’s when things started to unravel!

Tiny’s mother used Tamika’s NY address when she originally created accounts for the group, but that address was changed to her sister’s and her mother’s address.

(LaTocha lived with their mother during this time)

Tamika explained that not only was her address changed, but the company told her that the checks were being cashed into her sister’s husband’s account using fake signatures.

Watch a snip here:

and the full interview here:

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