LaTocha Scott Sends Shots At Kandi Burruss, Denies Stealing $30K From Sister Tamika [Video]

LaTocha Scott of Xscape has responded to groupmate Kandi Burruss’ recent Speak On It episode where the reality star denied Scott’s claim of taking issue with her singing lead.

According to Burruss, she couldn’t have been jealous of the Motown Gospel signee because she sung lead more often than Scott in the group’s early days.

“Now let’s be clear,” Scott replied in a YouTube video posted to her official account Thursday. “I never said that she didn’t sing lead, I said she had an issue with me singing lead.”

She went on to recall seeing Kandi crying in the studio while in a session with producer Jermaine Dupri.

“He’s looking vexed and she looking crazy with tears in her eyes…as I look at him, I’m like, ‘something’s wrong,’ and I need to find out what it is. And when I found out, yeah, she was upset by me singing lead.”

“Listen, I ain’t never had no problem with her singing lead, go ahead girl,” Scott added sarcastically before inserting a Real Housewives Of Atlanta clip of Kandi singing that is often used to discredit her as a vocalist. Once back on screen, Scott let’s off a few giggles at Burruss’ expense.

She also addressed sister and groupmate Tamika Scott’s claim that she and her husband Rocky stole $30K from her, calling it a “$30,000 lie.”

“I learned it was $30,000 when I watched it with ya’ll,” she asserted before revealing the alleged theft would’ve had to have taken place when the sisters were the only ones in the group, as Kandi refused to reunite at the time, leading Tameka “Tiny” Harris to back out as well, according to LaTocha.

She went on to add that the group starred on reality show Xscape: Still Kickin’ It and have toured together since the alleged theft, earning “more than 30,000 a night a piece.”

After “Kandi gave us her butt to kiss,” Tiny later re-joined and the trio and they toured as Xscape3.

“Rocky brings more shows, we make more money, and I still ain’t heard about no $30,000! For the record, I did not steal $30,000 from my sister. You know how she do,” the singer added before inserting a clip of Tamika admitting to lying on Kandi on Watch What Happens Live.

“So now, I guess I’ll just wait on my apology.”

She added that the editing of their Bravo series SWV & Xscape: Queens Of R&B mislead fans into thinking she was unwilling to discuss her problems with the group.

“See, I addressed Kandi first. I told her ‘I did my part. I was trying to be your friend. I showed up to the Broadway plays, I was there for your single plays, I was there even when you did the Essence cover.’ I guess that triggered her, because she stared that crying thing, and you know what happens when she starts to cry, they want to stop filming, give her 10-15 minutes. I waited. But when my mama says ‘cut the cameras’ she was trying to hide something, huh?”

LaTocha claims she also brought up herself and sister Tamika being forced to split show money with Kandi and Tiny for “two shows that they did not do.”

“Kandi gives us an ultimatum and says if we don’t pay her, she wasn’t gon’ do any more shows.”

Check out the full video below.

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