Man Down: CeeLo Green Falls off Horse During Entrance to Shawty Lo’s Birthday Party [Video]

During an event in Atlanta celebrating the birthday of late rapper Shawty Lo, fellow ATLien Cee-Lo Green attempted to make a grand entrance – things didn’t go as planned.

Things looked troubled from the start: In the short clip, Cee-lo can be seen awkwardly straddling a horse as two other men guide the animal inside a busy venue. Horses can be very excitable, and it appears the combination of flashing lights, music and a very loud DJ was too much for the poor horse to handle.

Add to the fact that night club floors aren’t the best surfaces for horses to be on and what you have is a sweet, soulful recipe for disaster.

Eventually the DJ advised that Cee-Lo be taken off the horse, but the warning came about 5 seconds too late.

Take a look at the clip below.

Despite the chaotic scene, it’s good to see ATL still honoring the legacy of Shawty Lo on what would have been his 47th birthday. The rapper was involved in an automobile accident that took his life in 2016.

Let this be a lesson: Keep your horses out of the club.

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