Kate Middleton target of ‘obscene’ sex joke in television series – royal fans are left outraged and refuse to keep watching

After the lengthy coronation festivities in May, life is returning to normal for the royal family. The royal activities for Prince William and Kate Middleton have resumed.

Over the weekend of the coronation, Kate Middleton was the talk of the town because to her amazing attire, as per usual.

She had a lot of work during the event taking care of Prince Louis, their youngest kid and a relative newcomer to ceremonial engagements. Everything worked out well, but as the weeks went on, Kate found herself back in the spotlight. This time for a ‘obscene’ sex joke that angered royal enthusiasts and authorities.
At least according to those who support the monarchy, the coronation of King Charles was a wonderful success. The parade to Westminister Abbey, the ceremony within the revered cathedral, and the return to Buckingham Palace were all broadcast to nearly 20 million spectators.
Many important ceremonies took place on the great day, and the royals practised numerous times at Westminster Abbey before it. Prince George played a significant part as a Page of Honour, but most royal fans were curious to see if Prince Louis, the youngest child, would attend. In the end, he was, but William and Kate had a lot of work to do.

The Prince and Princess of Wales reportedly had a fallback strategy in case things didn’t work out, according to PageSix. If Prince Louis misbehaved, the palace was prepared to send a nanny to remove him from King Charles’ crowning. Louis behaved admirably at the ceremony at Westminster, despite the fact that his mother found it difficult.

Concerned about Prince Louis’ attendance at the coronation, Kate Middleton
Adrianne Carter, a body language expert also known as the “Face Whisperer,” claimed in an interview with the Daily Star that Kate gazed “nervously” at her small boy during the occasion, “wish[ing] him to be on his best behaviour.”

It is most likely her main concern throughout the service, Carter said.
All three princes—Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte—were lauded for their conduct over the weekend of the coronation. However, according to Judi James, a body language specialist, Kate used a superb parenting technique to discipline children.

The Sun quoted her as saying: “Kate could be seen keeping a very delicate eye on Louis during the ceremony and delivering him motivational’reward’ touches of affection when he did something properly.

“Louis and Charlotte’s signals of complete engrossment and tenacity with the archery were exactly how William and Kate throw themselves into anything sporty or competitive during their royal appearances,” said a royal expert.

In the words of Judi James, “William and Kate showed they clearly understand the need for all of their children to learn to enjoy royal events rather than dread them by seeing them as a chore, bore, or challenge to get through.”
The margin for error was zero due to the rehearsals. The day went as planned, but a significant member of the royal family was missing as King Charles and Queen Camilla arrived at the Abbey.

The king and queen were captured on camera waiting awkwardly in their carriage for five minutes.

Though it took some work, Prince William and Princess Kate eventually arrived at the Abbey.

The future king was dressed in the ceremonial uniform of the Welsh guards, while Kate was attired in an ivory silk dress by Alexander McQueen over a formal robe. According to CNN, it was embellished with silver bullion stitched flowers, thistles, daffodils, and shamrock patterns to represent the various nationalities of the United Kingdom.

Prior to William entering the Abbey, Princess Kate issues a warning.
The Princess of Wales also honoured her late mother-in-law by attending the event wearing Princess Diana’s pearl and diamond earrings.

Television cameras captured William and Kate speaking as they queued up for the procession and prepared to enter the Abbey. While Kate had the beautiful Royal Victorian Order mantle, he was wearing the Order of the Garter.

Even though it was a happy day, Kate Middleton appeared to be worried about her husband before starting the arduous journey to the front of Westminster Abbey.

Jeremy Freeman, a professional lip reader, examined William and Kate’s video footage. According to the expert, who spoke exclusively to the Daily Star, the princess instructed William to “just mind the gown.”

The 40-year-old heir to the kingdom retorted, “Don’t worry, I got [or caught] it.”

The royal family has resumed carrying out its official responsibilities across the UK. Following the coronation, King Charles and Queen Camilla took a week off to refuel, but Prince William and Princess Kate carried on as usual. The family, along with their three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, participated in voluntary work and met well-wishers the day following the coronation concert. The children then went back to school.
Every week is jam-packed with obligations for William and Kate, and sometimes it might be difficult to get there in time.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Kate Middleton had an engagement in Bath when she unexpectedly needed to run to the train to get back to Windsor. She had to first stop on the train platform for a little conversation, as some quite astonished kids were out on a field trip.
The encounter between Kate Middleton and schoolchildren goes viral.
A video that has gone viral on social media shows Kate racing to the train and catches the touching moment when she stops to meet the kids.

“Hello, hello. Where are you going?” The educators responded to Kate’s query with Warminster.

Have a pleasant school trip, Kate said after giving them a thumbs up and asking what they were learning.

She was then informed by the teachers, “Trains and orienteering.”

Before sprinting to the train in time for departure, Kate Middleton gave the kids a thumbs up and a big smile. The video received a lot of social media shares. And once more, Kate Middleton demonstrated what a joyful and approachable princess she is.

For many well-wishers, the Princess of Wales has shown herself to be a beautiful person to meet, but there are some things she simply cannot give them. She gave a fantastic illustration of that on Monday.
On Monday, Kate travelled to London to attend the Chelsea Flower Show, where 100 students from ten different elementary schools participated in the first-ever Children’s Picnic.

The princess offered to sit down with the kids, but she was forced to decline because a small youngster requested a signature.
Kate was heard saying, “I can’t write my name, but I can draw,” according to People.

The princess said, “My name’s Catherine,” when asked why. I’m not allowed to sign in writing; it’s merely against the rules.

‘Obscene’ sex joke about Kate Middleton in an Amazon series
The same law applies to King Charles, Prince William, and Queen Camilla. What gives, though? The Daily Express claims that the customary norm is still in place due to the possibility of a forgery of the signature.

Even though members of the royal family typically arrive at engagements in a positive mood and with wide smiles, things aren’t always so cheerful in the background. The split between Harry and Meghan and the royal family over the past few years has cast a shadow on the royal family.
Furthermore, despite the fact that there are instances when people are upset about how they may be depicted or made fun of, royals are not immune to criticism or jeering.

Kate was the target of a joke on television last week that infuriated royals experts and admirers.

The mafia lord in an episode of the Priyanka Chopra-starring crime drama Citadel on Amazon likens breaking into an office to getting “between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge.”
“The head of the military? Actor Richard Madden’s Mason Kane from Game of Thrones stated, “You might as well have asked me how to sneak between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge.
When Prince William and Princess Kate were married in 2011, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon them the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They were given the titles Prince and Princess of Wales after the queen died, and Charles ascended to the throne. She still went by the title of Duchess of Cambridge, despite becoming Princess of Wales.

Sex joke is described as “surreal” and “shocking” by a royal expert.
Royal fans and analysts are outraged over the passage in Citadel that refers to the Duchess of Cambridge. According to Daily Star, several Twitter users referred to the quote as “gratuitous and vile,” and others yelled, “Who wrote the script and who approved it?!”

The Sun also covered the show’s poor reception from spectators.

“When we learned that you slammed Kate, we were all prepared to see Citadel! The other things you’re in won’t be on our watchlist! That was of low class, someone wrote.
A second stated: “Citadel, after the second episode, I quit watching Citadel because your Meghan-loving star finds it amusing to make vulgar jokes about Kate. It’s not too much to ask of your stars to display a little decency.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, called it “shocking” that the attack on Kate Middleton was included.

It is utterly absurd that someone would descend to crude remarks. It’s very remarkable. It’s astounding, in my opinion,” Fitzwilliams told The Sun.

“Amazon must clarify how their video uses obscenities against real persons and members of the royal family.
The royal family has received satire a number of times this year.
Robert Jobson, a royal authority and the author of the 2002 book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, discussed Archie and the royal gathering at the balcony for the coronation during a live interview on TalkTV.

The little prince could be dragged over the Buckingham Palace balcony like Michael Jackson dangled his son over a balcony two decades ago, according to an offensive joke about Archie Jobson.

Early in 2023, there were rumours and debates on whether Harry and Meghan’s two children, Archie and Lilibet, would accompany their parents to the coronation. Archie’s birthday fell on May 6, the day of the coronation.
Robert Jobson followed by raising out his hands and mimicking “that Michael Jackson thing where they hold him over” before stating that Charles would extinguish Archie’s birthday candle.

On the fifth floor of the Berlin Hotel Adlon, the Michael Jackson incident took place in 2002. It caused a fan uproar, for which The King of Pop later had to apologise.

“I became engrossed in the excitement of the situation. At the time, Jackson claimed, “I would never purposefully imperil the lives of my children.

But there were no laughs in response to Robert Jobson’s humour. Instead, royal supporters criticised the prank on social media.
According to Irish Mirror, one commenter said, “Hearing King Charles’ biographer boldly state that Prince Archie should be held over the Buckingham Palace balcony during the coronation is vile.”
According to independent author R.S. Locke, Robert Jobson thought it would be amusing to hang Archie from the balcony. Eammon Holmes desires to have Harry and Meghan removed. Jeremy Kyle desires to throw Meghan down a well.

“Delicious manner”
Stella Parton, a musician and the sister of Dolly Parton, was another individual who found the joke repulsive. When she read what Robson had said, she said it was “tasteless” and that she “couldn’t believe it.”

Was anyone else appalled by the British media’s callous joke about Archie, the kid of Harry and Meghan, being thrown over the balcony during the Coronation? Parton tweeted something. “These folks are evil! At first, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
A third individual said, “Trying to remember a moment when media have ‘joked’ about Princes George & Louis & Princess Charlotte in this nasty manner.

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