This Is Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone Next To Your Head

Numerous studies have conclusively shown that non-native electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by cell phones or Wi-Fi have an impact on a variety of bodily systems and functions.

It has been discovered that radio frequency EMF causes oxidative stress, alterations in the central nervous system, and cell death.
Particularly not when used so close to the head, they haven’t been safety tested.

Especially while you’re trying to sleep, it’s not a good idea to use or charge your phone close to your head. Your body should rest and regenerate while you sleep. NnEMF prevents that action.

We just showed how using a charger and a cell phone close to your head negatively affects your body voltage (which should be optimum at 0.0) and radio frequency readings on the multimeter. Many people still do not believe that EMFs are hazardous.
Use an Ethernet-connected adaptor, a power bank to recharge your phone, and airplane mode on your phone. But in theory, you shouldn’t even bring your phone into the bedroom!

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