Ladies, no matter how old you are, men will always notice these things about you

Ladies, guys will always notice these traits about you, regardless of your age.
Ever wondered what a man thinks about? Certainly have! Even if we are unable to fully respond to this question, we CAN share with you some of the things that men find attractive in women (even though we don’t often recognize it!). Here are a few qualities that guys, regardless of your age, genuinely notice in you.

1. Eyes

The gateway to the soul is the eye. Men want to see deep into a woman’s soul and judge the person underneath all the clothes and flesh when they catch sight of her eyes. So that loving her will be simpler, they desire to comprehend the woman.


2. Lips

Men have always been infatuated with lips. Men are crazy for the sensuous tilt of the lips. Men notice women’s curves, pouts, colors, and sizes because they want to kiss them. But keep in mind that a man is only interested in you if this is what he observes about you right away. He has no desire to love you.


3. Hair

Hair has always been a very personal matter for men. Your partner would follow you to the moon and back regardless of your hairstyle, whether it be a bob cut, plaits, or free-flowing locks. Most of the time, guys adore gorgeous locks falling in waves, but it all relies on the woman’s facial form.


4. The way you walk

Men pay attention to women walking. A lady comes out as careless and sluggish if she walks with a hunch, sags, or trudges along. Men are drawn to women who walk with purpose and a good stride. What catches a man’s eye and his heart are the zeal, the fire, and the independence.


5. Voice

Men are drawn to female vocalists for a reason. Men can’t help but fall in love because there is something about that lilting voice that is so melodic and calming. While some voices are deep and some are harsh, if the man doesn’t like it, it’s not your responsibility. You don’t require his approval to be you.


6. Your вσσвѕ

Look, any warm-blooded male who meets you for the first time will notice your вт, unless they are hidden and cloaked. Simply put, men are physically predisposed to seek them out!


7. Your вυтт.

He’ll probably catch a peek of your goodbye as you go. Most guys tend to lean more toward the ‘вт’ or ‘втт’ group.

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