Psychology Explains Why Beards Can Make Men Feel Attractive

How come men develop beards?

Men feel more confidence when they have beards, according to a survey conducted for the beard care business Honest Amish. According to the survey, one in five males would forgo making love for a year in order to grow the ideal beard. This survey may be accurate. Men’s facial hair is fashionable, as you can see just scrolling through social media images.

Even while the majority of guys wouldn’t forgo sex in exchange for the ideal beard, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want attractive facial hair in big numbers. Men feel about their facial hair in a same way that women do about their hair, weight, skin, or other “bodily assets.” A man’s self-esteem can be made or broken by his beard.

1 – For many men, growing a beard signifies manliness.

Though society may be contemporary, many men still place a high value on being a manly person, at least in their perceptions. For some men, growing a beard is a symbol of their authority. Men are territorial beings who seek to prove their dominance over their domains. It instills confidence and power in them, much like armor does for a soldier.

Darwin hypothesized that in the past, bearded men intimidated their male adversaries. It suggested dominance, toughness, social standing, or even money. A beard may not now equal all of that, but what matters is that it provides the impression that it does.

It seems sense that having a beard gives a man a more macho feeling. After all, the male hormone testosterone has a secondary effect that causes facial hair. This hormone is in charge of the body’s various manly processes, including sperm formation, muscle growth, and normal erections. A beard really does signify manhood, according to science. This is the reason why, unless there is an imbalance in their testosterone levels, women often don’t have facial hair.

People tend to perceive men with beards as being more aggressive than men without them, which is one societal influence of beards and masculinity. Numerous research have demonstrated this. In fact, it was discovered in a study conducted by scientists from the Universities of New England and Queensland that people could spot a bearded man’s anger more quickly than his happiness.

It appears that aggressiveness and masculinity are occasionally associated in society.

But appearances can be misleading.

Even if it may appear that way, guys who have beards may feel more macho and dominant and may not necessarily be more aggressive. Beards have a dualistic quality, claims psychologist and author Mark Travers, Ph.D. A smile might soften their more imposing demeanor, giving them the appearance of being more dependable, helpful, and amiable than someone without facial hair.

Given all of these facts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that having a beard makes men feel more manly. Additionally, our culture perceives them as more masculine, which may have an unconscious impact on how men feel about their beards.

2. Bearded males appear to be more appealing to women.

Men who have beards may think they are more beautiful because, well, they are! Numerous studies have revealed that women prefer bearded males. With a beard, guys may feel more manly and strong, but women also perceive them that way. A beard is almost like a pickup line’s perfect replacement.

The beard is popular, but it goes beyond mere fashion. The beard might serve an evolutionary purpose. One reason is because only male humans have beards. Many animals have hair covering their entire bodies, but none have hair growing on their faces like humans do. Although apes and monkeys come close, their facial hair is actually body hair, not facial hair.

Darwin hypothesized that the development of a beard in male humans began as an attractive trait to appeal to the other gender. It’s similar to how animals change the color of their feathers or their vocalizations to entice a partner. Prehistoric men were more successful in procreating because, as now, prehistoric women were more drawn to partners with beards.

Success probably spread through the generations, eventually resulting in confidence. It goes without saying that women adore a man who exudes confidence, which heightens the man’s appeal.

Growing a beard is a terrific idea if you’re a man or know a man who wants to attract more women. Naturally, maintain it tidy to reap the greatest rewards from it.

3. A beard might conceal physical characteristics that a man dislikes about himself.

Facial hair can be to males what cosmetics is to women. It can be used to cover up flaws in a man’s skin, including acne, scars, full cheeks, discolorations, and scars. For complete covering, they can even attach their sideburns to their beards.

Your self-confidence will increase and you’ll feel more attractive if you can disguise the aspects of yourself you don’t like. But it doesn’t end there. Beards can serve a similar purpose to cosmetic surgery without the need for surgery.

Men’s facial hair, especially when kept in good condition by a competent barber, can frame the face, draw attention to the eyes, and even transform the face into a more appealing shape. It makes sense that someone who has this much control over their looks would feel gorgeous.

4. Shaving a beard is considered a sin in several religions.

It may not initially appear that a man’s perception of his attractiveness has anything to do with his faith. However, you can find proof everywhere there are churches. Some of the most self-assured individuals you’ll meet are religious men. Because of their elevated spirituality, they are able to let things go without losing their sense of self. They entrust it to whichever higher power they adhere to and then march out like kings and queens.

Men (and women) don’t cut their facial hair since it is revered in many religions. In their cultures, a man with a shaven face might be shunned, which would seriously undermine their confidence. After all, feeling unfavored by the almighty can be quite stressful.

Sin can remove a man from his position or power in the religious community. Losing this kind of authority might make a man feel less confident. It is safe to conclude that a man’s beard influences his success and self-confidence in these religions.

He becomes more alluring to religious women as a result. Women are attracted to powerful, successful guys by nature. The fact that the power is spiritual does not detract from its allure in any way.

5 – Bearded men are frequently seen as more capable, especially while serving as the leader of the household.

This idea is totally subjective and may not be true. A man with facial hair is not more manly than a man with clean-shaven skin. However, in some circumstances, perception can mean everything. Men looking for work and women looking for a partner for marriage are two instances.

Even family members and friends may treat a man differently if he has a beard compared to a clean-shaven man. The appearance of a beard conveys supremacy, sturdiness, strength, and wisdom. Who wouldn’t like being treated well when they are frequently elevated?

The majority of guys wouldn’t allow this treatment get to their heads, but it can significantly enhance their confidence and make them feel more attractive (sadly, there are always a few narcissists out there).

Final Thoughts on Why Men Feel More Attractive when They Have Beards

Just facial hair, whether or not it is nicely formed, qualifies as a beard. Men, however, view it as a superpower. It boosts their attractiveness, success, success, and masculinity.

The advantages of having a beard are largely a result of how society regards men with beards and how it treats males. Accordingly, it’s not the beard per se, but rather how people view it. Perhaps in the future, attitudes about beards will evolve and they will become less popular. But that day is not today.

This does not imply that all men should immediately start shaving their faces. The sole purpose of this post was to provide some insight into how a man would feel when his facial hair grows. Men who have just shaven still have hope. Most women adore beardless males just as much as they adore clean-shaven men. Successful, powerful, and beautiful guys are also clean-shaven.

A person’s life is not determined by their beard; it is merely an icon. However, it continues to be popular even today. Bearded men will continue to feel extremely handsome and in control because it is likely that this trend won’t end anytime soon.

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