The Nikola Tesla Interview That Was Hidden For 116 Years Will Blow Your Mind

The views Nikola Tesla expressed in an interview with journalist John Smith in 1899 were so revolutionary that its contents were kept secret and covered up for more than a century.

The scientist and inventor talked about how “everything is light” and how the sun’s beams can ruin his ideas for the future of humanity during the conversation.

Tesla was widely thought to have discovered means to give everyone in the globe access to a free and limitless source of energy, but owing to corporate greed and the profits made from burning fossil fuels for power, his innovations were concealed.

This interview includes a section devoted to Tesla’s detractors of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which disregards the ether as energy, according to UTGL. I have demonstrated why Einstein’s theory of relativity is completely incorrect, why there is no vacuum (void), and that everything is energy in the new Theory of the Universal Law.

Therefore, I endorse the concepts put forth by Tesla in this interview:

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you now enjoy the honor of being recognized as a participant in cosmic processes. You, Mr. Tesla, who are you?

Tesla: It’s a good question, Mr. Smith, and I’ll do my best to respond appropriately.

Journalist: Some people claim that you are from Croatia, namely from the town of Lika, where there are also people, trees, rocks, and a starry sky. They claim that your birthplace was a house next to a forest and a church in a village called after mountain flowers.

Tesla: Everything is real. I’m proud of both my Croatian and Serbian heritage.

Journalist: According to futurists, Nikola Tesla was the father of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. On the other hand, they rejoice over the magnetic field and praise the induction motor. Their maker was referred to as the warrior who gathered fire from heaven and the hunter who caught light in his net from the depths of the earth. Physics and Chemistry will rule over half of the planet thanks to the father of alternating current. He will be hailed by business as their supreme saint and a banker for the biggest donors. Breaking an atom occurs for the first time at Nikola Tesla’s lab.

A weapon that generates seismic vibrations has been developed. Cosmic rays that are black have been found. Due to a tremendous secret they were taught—that Empedocles’ components might be irrigated with etheric life forces—five races will pray to him in the Temple of the future.

Indeed, these are some of Tesla’s most significant findings. I feel defeated. I haven’t succeeded to the fullest extent possible.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what is it?

Tesla: I wished to light up the entire planet. A second sun might be created using the available electricity. The equator would be illuminated, much like Saturn’s ring.

The great and the excellent are not yet ready for mankind. I used electricity to wet the ground in Colorado Springs. Additionally, we can water other energies like uplifting mental energy. They can be found in the poetry of great writers or in the music of Bach or Mozart. There is energy of joy, peace, and love within the earth. A flower that grows from the Earth, the nourishment we acquire from her, and everything that makes up man’s homeland are represented by their expressions. Years of my life have been devoted to figuring out how this energy may affect humans. The sun’s rays can be used as food and the beauty and fragrance of roses as medicine.

Scientists must look for life in all forms of stuff since it can take an unlimited variety of shapes. In this, three things are crucial. I only conduct a search for them. Even though I’m sure I won’t find them, I won’t give up looking for them.

Journalist: What exactly are these?

Tesla: Food is a problem. What kind of energy—starry or terrestrial—could satisfy Earth’s hungry? What drink quenched their hunger and gave them the confidence to know that they are Gods?

The power of evil and suffering, through which man’s life passes, must also be destroyed. In the far reaches of space, they occasionally spread like an epidemic. The sickness had spread throughout the universe in this century from Earth.

Is there too much light in the universe, as the third question asks? I found a star that, according to all astronomical and mathematical principles, could vanish and that hasn’t appeared to change. This galaxy contains this star. Its light is capable of occurring at a density that would fit inside an apple-sized sphere that is heavier than our Solar System. Man can become the Christ, Buddha, and Zoroaster, according to several religions and philosophical systems. What I’m attempting to demonstrate is crazier and nearly impossible. This is how the universe works, and every living thing is born as either Christ, Buddha, or Zoroaster.

I am aware that everything you need to fly depends on gravity, so my goal is to educate people how to fly on their own two wings rather than build aircraft or missiles. In addition, I’m working to awaken the energy that exists in the air. The principal energy sources are available. What is thought of as empty space is really a manifestation of unawaken matter.

There is no void anywhere in the universe or on this planet. Astronomers believe that the most potent sources of energy and life can be found in black holes.

Journalist: Every morning, birds fly in to the hotel “Valdorf-Astoria” on the thirty-third level where your room is located.

Tesla: A man must have feelings for birds. Their wings are to blame for this. Human previously had them, the actual and noticeable ones!

Journalist: Since those bygone days in Smiljan, you haven’t stopped soaring!

Tesla: My attempt to fly from the roof ended in failure: Children’s calculations might not be accurate. Always keep in mind that the juvenile wings have everything!

Have you ever been married, journalist? That you have feelings for either love or a lady is unknown. Photos from your youth demonstrate how attractive you were.

Yes, Tesla. No, I didn’t. Either there is a lot of affection or none at all. The purpose of the facility is to revitalize humanity. For some people, women foster and bolster their energy and vigor. Others who are single experience the same thing. I went down the second road.

Journalist: Your fans are upset because you’re criticizing relativity. Your claim that the substance lacks energy is bizarre. Where is this energy that permeates everything?

Tesla: Energy came first, followed by matter.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, it’s similar to when you claimed that your father, not you, gave birth to you.

Tesla: Accurate! What about the universe’s creation? From the primordial, eternal energy known as Light, matter is produced.

It shone, and everything on Earth and in the Universe appeared, including stars, planets, and humans. Energy predates matter, hence matter is a representation of the infinite varieties of Light. There are four creational laws. The first is the origin of all the perplexing, sinister plot that neither mathematics nor the human intellect can fathom. The entire Universe made sense in that story.

The unfathomable is changed into the Light by the second law, which spreads a darkness that is the true nature of light. The third rule is that Light must turn into Light’s matter. The fourth rule is that there is no beginning and no end, that the three preceding rules always apply, and that the Creation is eternal.

Journalist: You go so far in your opposition to the theory of relativity that you give lectures about its Creator at your birthday celebrations.

Tesla: Keep in mind that the human mind is what prevents us from understanding eternity and infinite, not curved space! If the Creator’s understanding of relativity is complete, he will be granted corporeal immortality if he so chooses.

I am a part of the music, which is a light. My six senses are flooded by the Light: sight, hearing, feeling, smell, touch, and thought. My sixth sense involves thinking about it. Notes are written on light particles. An entire sonata can be a burst of lightning. The phrase “a thousand balls of lightning” refers to a concert. I composed a piece called Ball Lightning for this concert, which may be heard on the Himalayas’ snow-capped summits. A scientist must and cannot violate Pythagoras’s and maths’ principles. Equations and numbers serve as markers for the music of the spheres. Einstein would not have developed his ideas of relativity if he had heard these noises. These noises serve as reminders to the mind that existence has purpose, the cosmos is harmoniously in place, and beauty is both the cause and result of Creation. This melody represents the celestial heavens’ endless cycle.

The composition for the smallest star is complete, as is a section of the cosmic symphony. The rhythm of the man’s heartbeat is a component of the earthly symphony. Newton discovered that the solution lies in the motion and geometric arrangement of the heavenly bodies. He understood that the universe is governed by the fundamental law of harmony. Chaos exists in the curved space, but chaos is not melody. The messenger of the age of sound and fury is Einstein.

Do you hear that music, Mr. Tesla? asked the reporter.

Tesla: I constantly hear it. As big as the sky we can see above us, my spiritual ear is also. The radar improved my natural ear. Two parallel lines will eventually intersect at infinity, according to the Theory of Relativity. That will cause Einstein’s curve to straighten. Once produced, the sound is eternal. The greatest power of a man can disappear, but it still exists in silence.

No, I don’t dislike Mr. Einstein. He is a good man who has done many admirable things, some of which will be incorporated into the song. I’ll write to him and make an effort to convince him that the ether exists and that it’s the particles that maintain the cosmos in balance and life eternal.

Journalist: Could you possibly explain the circumstances surrounding angel adoption on Earth?

I have ten of them, Tesla. Observe your records carefully.

Journalist: Dear Mr. Tesla, I will record whatever you say.

Tesla: A keen understanding of the organization’s objective and the job that needs to be done is the first prerequisite. In the beginning, it must have existed, even if dimly. Be honest; Oak is aware that the bush next to him is only a bush and that it is an oak tree. I had been confident that I will see Niagara Falls since I was twelve. The majority of my discoveries were ones I knew I would make in infancy, though they were not always obvious at the time. The second requirement for adaptation is tenacity. I gave it my all and completed.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what is the third adjustment requirement?

Tesla: All vital and spiritual energy in labor are guided. purification of man’s numerous impacts and requirements, therefore. As a result, I have gained rather than lost anything.

I therefore relished each day and night. Note that Nikola Tesla was content.

The physical assembly must be adjusted with a work as the fourth criteria.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what do you mean?

Tesla: The upkeep of the assembly comes first. The human body is a flawless machine. I am aware of what will benefit him and my circuit. Food that almost everyone eats is unhealthy and unsafe in my opinion. I imagine occasionally that all chefs worldwide are conspiring against me. Touch my hand.

Reporter: It was chilly.

Yes, Tesla. Many internal and external systems, including bloodstream, are controllable. Why do you feel afraid, young man?

Journalist: There’s a rumor that Mark Twain was inspired by you to write a mystery stranger, that great book of Satan.

Tesla: “Lucifer” is a more endearing word. Twain enjoys making jokes. Reading his books as a kid once helped me get better. He was so moved when we first met here and informed him about it that he started crying. We grew close, and he frequented my lab. He once asked for a demonstration of a device that, by vibration, induces happiness. It was one of those inventions I occasionally enjoy using for pleasure.

I advised Mr. Twain to leave these vibrations alone. He continued to stay and did not listen. It came to an end by launching into a certain room while holding a pair of jeans. Although it was horribly amusing, I maintained my seriousness.

But in addition to eating, dreams are crucial for adjusting the body’s electrical system. After a long and strenuous workday that needed superhuman effort, I could recuperate completely after just one hour of sleep. I improved my capacity to regulate my sleep, go to sleep and wake up when I want to. In order to solve a problem, I make myself think about it in my dreams when I do anything that I do not understand.

Tesla: Memory is the fifth adjustment need. The brain is probably the repository for all of a person’s knowledge of the outside world and lifelong learning. My brain is choosing what is needed at the time, which is more significant than remembering. We are surrounded by this. You should only eat it. Everything that we once heard, read, saw, and learned is now carried within us by light particles. These atoms seem obedient and loyal to me.

My favorite novel, Faust by Goethe, which I had to memorize in German as a student, is now recited by everyone. I had my innovations “in my head” for years before I finally grasped what they were.

Journalist: You frequently discussed the effectiveness of visualizing.

Tesla: I might have to give visualization credit for everything I created. My life’s experiences and the things I’ve created are actual, tangible things that I can see in front of my eyes. When I was younger, I was afraid of not knowing what it is, but as I became older, I discovered how to use this power as a remarkable talent and gift. I protected it zealously and gave it care. On the majority of my innovations, I also made changes through visualization and completed them that way. Through visualization, I can mentally solve challenging mathematical equations. I shall be given the rank of High Lama in Tibet in exchange for that gift.

I’d venture to say that I have stronger eyesight and hearing than most people. I can see hues in the sky that others cannot see, and I can hear thunder 150 miles away. I was born with this augmentation of my vision and hearing. Later, I developed intentionally.

Journalist: You experienced major illness multiple times as a young person. Is it a condition that calls for adaptation?

Yes, Tesla. It is frequently caused by a lack of vitality or tiredness, but it is also frequently the outcome of the body and mind being cleansed of poisons that have collected. A man must experience suffering occasionally. The majority of diseases have spiritual causes. Thus, the majority of ailments can be cured by the spirit. I contracted the cholera that was raging in the Lika region when I was a student. My father finally allowing me to pursue my life’s passion of studying technology is how I was healed. For me, illusion was not a disease but rather the capacity of the mind to extend beyond the three dimensions of the earth.

I’ve had them throughout my life and have accepted them as part of everyday life’s phenomena. When I was younger, my uncle and I were strolling alongside a river when he said: “From the water will appear the trout, I’ll throw a stone and it is cut.” His uncle shouted out in horror and astonishment, “Bade retro Satan’s!He was intelligent and spoke Latin. I was in Paris when I learned of my mother’s passing. Wonderful creatures are floating in the light-filled and musical sky. One of them resembled a mother and was gazing at me with unending love. I knew my mum had passed away as soon as the vision vanished.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what is the seventh adjustment?

Tesla: The understanding of how our mental and physical energies can be directed toward our goals and used to exert control over all emotions. Hindus refer to it as Kundalini Yoga. This information can be obtained through education or birth, depending on how long it takes. The majority of them I was born with. They have the strongest ties to a sexual energy that is also the most common throughout the cosmos. The largest robber of that energy and consequently of the spiritual force is a woman.

I was informed and have known that forever. I made what I wanted of myself—a reflective, spiritual machine—out of myself.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what’s your ninth adjustment?

Do everything you can to remember who you are and why you are on Earth at all times, says Tesla. Until the completion of the project, extraordinary people who are battling illness, deprivation, or the society that harms them with its foolishness, ignorance, persecution, and other issues leave their remains unclaimed. On Earth, there are a lot of fallen angels.

Journalist: Which adaptation is the tenth?

Tesla: It is quite significant. Mention that Mr. Tesla performed. He enjoyed playing throughout his entire life.

Reporter: Mr. Tesla! Whether it is relevant to your research and work? Do you play games?

Yes, my beautiful boy, Tesla. I’ve always enjoyed to experiment with electricity. Every time I hear about the Greek who stole fire, I shudder. Eagles peck at his liver in a horrible story about studding. Zeus was harmed because there wasn’t enough lightning and thunder, or was there just too much of it? There are certain misconceptions…Lightning is the most exquisite toy available. Remember to make this point clear in your writing: Nikola Tesla was the first person to find lightning.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, all you’ve been talking about is how angels have adapted to life on Earth.

Tesla: Is it me? This is identical. You could say that he dared to usurp the authority of Indri, Zeus, and Peron. Imagine one of these gods preparing lightning, fires, and earthquakes for the elite of New York City while donning a black evening suit, a bowler hat, and white cotton gloves.

Journalist: Our paper’s humor is very popular among readers. However, you mislead me by claiming that your discoveries, which have enormous advantages for people, reflect the game. Many people won’t like it.

Dear Mr. Smith, the issue is that individuals take themselves too seriously. They would be happier and live a lot longer if they weren’t. According to a Chinese saying, earnestness shortens life. Tai Pe assumed that he would be visiting the Imperial Palace while at the inn. However, so that the newspaper readers wouldn’t have scowled, let’s return to the subjects they value highly.

Journalist: They’d be quite interested in learning about your ideology.

Tesla: We must understand the cycle of life. I sense the beat, focus on it, and indulge in it. It was really appreciative and gave me the information I possess. The relationship between man and the stars, amoebas and the sun, and the heart and the movement of an unlimited number of universes is one that is profound and beautiful. Although these bonds cannot be severed, they can be managed, appeased, and used to start new, distinct relationships in the world without endangering the preexisting ones.

Our ability to see is the most ideal example of knowledge that comes from space. We have both physical and spiritual eyes. It is advised that it just have one eye. The universe, like a living, intelligent animal, is present in all of its forms.

Similar to a plant, a beast, or a human, stone is a sentient, thinking being. If we weren’t so incredibly self-absorbed, we would be able to understand the language and message of a shining star. His breathing, eyes, and ears must match those of the universe, as well as his eyes and hearing.

Journalist: As you say this, it seems to me that I am hearing Taoist Parazulzusa or Buddhist literature.

Tesla: You’re correct! This implies that there are certain truths and general knowledge that man has always possessed. I believe and have experienced that there is only one ultimate energy and one material in the universe, and there are an endless number of living manifestations. The best part is that one item reveals the other when a secret nature is discovered.

There are all around us, but we are blind and deaf to them, so one cannot hide. If we become emotionally attached to them, they will come to us. Numerous apples are present, but only one Newton. He only requested the apple that had just fallen in front of him.

Journalist: A query that could be posed at the start of this discussion. How did electricity affect you, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla asserts that everything is energy. The first was the light, an unlimited source that illuminates everything and disperses it into various forms to symbolize the universe and the earth with all of its facets of life. The true face of Light is black, yet humans cannot see this. It shows extraordinary grace for humans and other animals. Light, thermal, nuclear, radiation, chemical, mechanical, and an unexplained energy are all present in one of its particles.

With its orbit, it has the ability to sustain life on Earth. Archimedean lever, in fact.

Journalist: You’re excessively biased in favor of energy, Mr. Tesla.

Tesla: I am electricity. You can also think of me as energy in human form. Mr. Smith, you are also electricity, but you are not aware of it.

Journalist: Is it therefore possible for your body to withstand electrical discharges of one million volts?

Tesla: Visualize a herb attack on a gardener. This would be wild, for sure. The human body and brain are made up of a lot of energy; the majority of that energy is found in me. The unique energy that each person possesses is what defines the human “I” or “soul”. The “soul” of the plant is, in essence, the “soul” of minerals and other living things.

The manifestation of death and brain activity in light. My eyes were black when I was younger; they are now blue, and as time passes and my brain becomes more resilient, they are edging closer to white. Heaven is a place of white. One morning a white dove flew through my window, and I fed it. She wished to inform me that she was passing away. The light jets were erupting from her eyeballs. I had never before noticed such brilliance in the eyes of any creature as I did in that pigeon’s.

Journalist: Workers at your lab claim that lightning, flames, and flashes of light can happen when you’re enraged or taking a risk.

Tesla: It’s a psychic discharge or an alertness signal. The odds were always in my favor. Do you know how I came to develop the induction motor and rotating magnetic field, which made me famous when I was 26? I viewed the sunset in Budapest one summer evening with my friend Sigetijem.

Thousands of different colors of burning fire were turning around. I recalled Faust and read his lyrics, and suddenly, like in a fog, I saw an induction motor and a whirling magnetic field. In the sunlight, I spotted them!

Journalist: The hotel staff said that during a lightning storm, you should isolate yourself and talk to yourself.

Tesla: I speak with thunder and lightning.

Author: Are you with them? What dialect, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Mostly in my mother tongue. It has the appropriate words and sounds, particularly for poetry.

Journalist: If you could interpret that, our magazine’s readers would be extremely appreciative.

Tesla: The sound is transformed into brilliance and color as well as being present in thunder and lightning. A color is audible. Language is made of words, which means it is made of colors and sounds. Every thunder and lightning has a unique name and characteristics. I address some of them by the names of people who were close to me or who I look up to.

My mother, sister, brother Daniel, the poet Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, and other figures from Serbian history reside in the brightness and thunder of the sky. Names like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Leonardo, Beethoven, Goya, Faraday, Pushkin, and all burning fires denote the shoals and tangles of lightning and thunder that continue all night long, bringing to Earth valuable rain and burning trees or villages.

Thunder and lightning, which are the brightest and strongest natural phenomena, will never go away. They are returning, and I can make them out among the thousands.

Journalist: For you, poetry and science are equivalent.

Tesla: These are one person’s two eyes. William Blake was taught that the universe originated from human imagination and will continue to exist until the last man leaves the Earth. It had a wheel attached to it where astronomers could gather the stars from every galaxy. It is the same creative energy as light energy.

Journalist: Do you feel that your imagination is more real than actual life?

Tesla: Life is birthed by it. I’ve been nourished by my teachers, and I now know how to control my feelings, dreams, and visions. I have always treasured and fostered my zeal. My entire lengthy existence was spent in joy. I was content because of that. It has been a big assistance to me over the years to put up with the effort that was required to support the five lives. The greatest time to work is at night because of the intimate connection and star light.

Journalist: You claimed that I am the Light, same like every other being. Although I must admit that it flatters me, I do not fully comprehend.

Tesla: Mr. Smith, why would you need to understand? It is enough to believe it. The world is light. Each country has its own ray in the enormous light source that we know as the sun, which ray determines the fate of nations. Also keep in mind that no one present did not pass away. They changed into the light and continue to exist in that manner. The fact that the light particles return to their original state is the key.

Reporter: This is the resurrected body!

Tesla: I like to refer to it as a return to an earlier energy. Christ and a few others were aware of the solution. I’m looking into ways to conserve human energy. It is Light in various forms, sometimes seeming as a pure heavenly light. I did not seek it out for my own benefit, but rather for the benefit of everyone. I think my discoveries improve people’s quality of life and direct them toward morality and spirituality.

Do you believe that time can be eliminated? a journalist asks.

Tesla: Not nearly, as the energy’s primary characteristic is that it transforms. It is constantly changing, much like Taoist clouds. However, the fact that a man retains consciousness after leaving this world might be used to one’s advantage. Energy of life exists everywhere in the universe; one of these energies is immortality, which has its origins outside of man and is waiting for him.

We are only partially spiritual compared to the universe. Because we are unaware of the nature of the universe and how to align our lives with it, the universe is more moral than us. Although I am not a scientist, science is likely the easiest approach to resolve the mystery that has consumed my days and nights and kept me up at night.

What’s wrong, asks the journalist?

Tesla: Your eyes are brighter than ever!I was curious as to what happens to a falling star as the sun sets. The sun is dispersed in our minds, in the lives of countless beings, what will be reborn as a new light, or cosmic wind dispersed in infinity, and stars fall like dust or seed in this world or in others.

I realize that this must be a part of the universe’s structure. The fact is, however, that even the smallest of these stars and suns manages to survive.

But Mr. Tesla, you understand that this is essential and is written into the global constitution!

Tesla: When a man has a concussion, his utmost ambition must be to chase after and catch a shooting star; he will realize that his life was given to him as a result and will be saved. One day, you’ll be able to catch stars!

Journalist: What will transpire at that point?

Tesla: The creator will snicker and remark, “It falls only that you chase her and grab her.”

Journalist: Isn’t all of this at odds with the cosmic suffering you frequently allude to in your writings? What exactly is cosmic pain?

Tesla: No, since we are on Earth. It is a disease that the vast majority of people are unaware even exists. As a result, there are a wide variety of diseases, sorrow, evil, misery, wars, and other ludicrous and horrific aspects of human life. Although there is no definitive treatment for this illness, raising awareness will help make it less dangerous and complicated. I experienced physical pain if one of my dearest and closest friends suffered harm. This is due to the identical materials that make up our bodies and the unbreakable strands that connect our souls. Unbearable grief that occasionally overcame us indicates that a child or kind guy passed away somewhere on this globe.

There are times when the entire universe is sick of itself and of humanity. More than we may think, the disappearance of a star and the appearance of comets have an impact on humanity. The connections between living things on Earth are even deeper because of our emotions and thoughts. For example, a flower may smell even more lovely or fall silently depending on our thoughts.

To be healed, we need to understand these realities. The solution is within each of our hearts as well as the hearts of the other animals that make up the universe.

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