Caucasian TRANS Lady Claims She Had A STEAMY One Night Stand With Married Rapper Kevin Gates! (Video)

Rapper Kevin Gates is trending on Twitter after a Caucasian Trans-woman revealed that she SLEPT with the married rapper. The transwoman, named Lilah Gibney sat down for an interview with Youtuber Elena Genevinne wherein she shared her experience with Kevin Gates in excruciating detail.

The Trans-lady also disclosed that before SMASHING, Gates introduced her to his wife Dreka.

Rapper Kevin Gates has often been associated with the LGBTQ+ community and on many occasions has spoken in support of the group. Well, now we know why.

Gates, 37, reportedly had a STEAMY one-night stand with a White transwoman who SPILLED all the tea on Youtube yesterday.

The transwoman named Lilah Gibney shared that she went on a DATE with Kevin Gates after which he took her to his mansion for some freaky time.

Lilah sat down for an interview with Youtuber Elena Genevinne and her husband during which she revealed PRIVATE details about her date with the rapper.

She started off by sharing that she regularly stalks Drake’s Following list on IG and DMs every hot-looking guy in his list. She revealed that she does this in hopes that one of the guys will pay her bills one day.

She then explained that she Dm’d Kevin Gates and got a response from him.

They fixed up their date and met up at a restaurant. She recalled that she was scared to go to the restaurant because she wondered if “she’ll get shot or something.”

The interesting part came later when Gates took Lilah to his home.

According to her, Gates took her home and introduced her to a woman in his home as his SISTER who Lilah later discovered was his WIFE.

Image: hotnewhiphop

They then went to Gates’ bedroom to do the “deed.” And Lilah explained that while he was giving her or*l, he realized that something was different.

Gates then asked Lilah if she was TRANS and she said “YES.”

She said that he was super amazing after finding out and they had s*x.

Everything was explained by Lilah very candidly in the interview. She also revealed that in true Kevin gates fashion, after smashing her, he blocked her and they never saw each other again.

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