Once Your Man Flirts With Other Women In Front Of You, Here’s What It MeansOnce Your Man Flirts With Other Women In Front Of You, Here’s What It Means

1,He doesn’t respect you, for one.

The act of flirting with other individuals is enough disrespect. however, in front of you?

That is blatantly disrespectful. Or maybe they flirt with other individuals and they don’t care that you have the receipts?

That shows much more disdain. And no one should put up with it.

2. He wants your sense of worth to come from him.

Perhaps your partner is aware of your fears. He is your partner, so of course he does.

Therefore, he turns them into weapons and treats you poorly instead of assisting you in overcoming them and reassuring you that you are more than your insecurities.

3. He flirts with other people while you’re around because he thinks you won’t leave him.

He makes advances toward other women in your presence because he thinks you won’t leave him.

especially if he has been acting that way throughout your relationship with him.

And when you finally tell him you don’t want to date him any more, you’d be shocked that he’d be surprised.

Where did that strength come from, for instance?

Yes, he thinks you won’t or can’t leave him.

4. He believes he is the best available.

He may be attractive, wealthy, and the object of women’s attention.

You could be lucky that he picked you to date, for all he knows.

He wants you to concentrate on the honor it is for you to be considered his girlfriend, even while he is openly disregarding you.

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