Never Marry a Woman With These 6 Traits

Why do marriages fail so frequently?
because couples don’t spend enough time getting to know one another before getting married.

They hurry into a marriage that is doomed to fail from the start because they let themselves to be carried away by the passionate enthusiasm and the early sparks of a romance.

Before you decide to walk down the aisle, you need make sure you fully understand your partner because not every lady (or man) is marriage material.

Even though no woman is perfect, a long-term relationship or marriage with a lady who possesses the following characteristics is doomed to failure.

The Daddy’s/Mommy’s Girl, in order

It’s likely that your daughter is close to her parents, unless they were poisonous and abusive.

Who doesn’t love and respect their parents, after all?

There is a distinction between being close to your parents and having them run your life, though. Look closely to see if your girlfriend:

compares you all the time to her parents

asks her parents for advice on anything in her life

makes decisions about her life, love, and profession based on what her parents think.

is accustomed to having her parents take care of everything.

If you marry a lady who demonstrates these characteristics, you are also marrying her parents. She will constantly draw comparisons between you and her parents, tell them everything, and allow them guide her actions.

She won’t be living with you; her parents will always be a barrier.

the compulsive shopper

Prior to being married to your wife, it is crucial to pay attention to how she manages her funds. Money problems are the leading cause of marital conflict and divorce.

Does she frequently make execptionally pricey purchases? Does she use shopping as a stress-reduction technique? Does she frequently ask you for a loan so she can buy things she otherwise cannot afford?

All of the aforementioned indications point to a shopaholic, a personality trait that would end any marriage in tragedy.

You see, a relationship with someone who is irresponsible and financially unstable cannot last. It’s more important to find a wife who can manage her finances well and spend money wisely than it is to marry a wealthy woman.

The Narcissus’s Daughter, third

Greek mythology describes Narcissus as a magnificently handsome hunter who captured everyone’s attention with his beauty.

He, on the other hand, had only eyes for…himself and spent the rest of his life gazing at his own reflection in a pool of water after falling in love with it.

The expression “Narcissus’ daughter” refers to a woman who has an unhealthy preoccupation on herself, an exaggerated feeling of self-importance, and a strong need for adulation. The term “narcissism” in psychology comes from the story of Narcissus.

Such a woman will never attend to your emotional needs or genuinely care about your troubles or thoughts; she simply cares about herself. She’ll act out if you can’t give her the attention she needs, she won’t ever own up to her mistakes, and she’ll frequently use you as a pawn to obtain what she wants.

Life with her will be an emotional rollercoaster; it is better to leave while you can, despite how endearing she may seem to you right now (narcissists, after all, have a gift for making people fall for them).

Fourth: The Workaholic

You may find the workaholic woman you’re dating impressive and motivating due to her desire and commitment to her career.However, being married to someone who is devoted to their career is risky because you’ll always occupy a secondary position in your wife’s life.

She will rarely have enough time for you or be emotionally available and present in your relationship if she devotes her entire attention to her profession.

It will be like marrying a ghost: half the time your wife will be mentally and physically away, spending hours at her office job, and the other half she will be thinking about her career ambitions while you are together.

The Fifth: The Attention Seeker

One of the worst kinds of women you may pick to share your life with is an attention seeker.

She is superficial, insecure, and vain, and she is constantly looking for affirmation and reassurance in an effort to boost her poor self-esteem.

In a variety of ways, a lady who is an attention seeker will complicate and make your life challenging:

She’ll act out when you can’t give her the attention she continually needs.

To obtain a little additional attention, she would flirt with other people in front of you.

She will evaluate you based on outward characteristics such as how costly your clothing are, whether you are still in good health, and how many wealthy friends you have.

Always able to make everything about herself, she.

An attention-seeker in a marriage may use you to obtain what she wants, expect to dominate conversations, overshare your life on social media, and become incredibly envious of your relationships with other people.

It’s really draining, isn’t it?

Sixth: The Spiritual Vampire

The phrase “spiritual vampire” refers to cynical, pessimistic, and negative individuals who, once you are in their presence, cause you to feel depressed and miserable.

Analyzing a woman’s outlook on life more closely will help you identify a spiritual vampire. Does she enjoy making herself the victim? Is she constantly whining about her lot in life? Does she think that everyone is out to harm her?

Living with a lady who demonstrates this poisonous personality feature will have a negative impact on your mental and emotional health. She’ll just be miserable about everything, including your marriage and you.

She’ll constantly make you feel uptight, concentrate on your problems rather than trying to solve them, and possibly have little sympathy for your difficulties because she’ll be too preoccupied worrying about her own problems.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that the most of the aforementioned traits won’t manifest themselves in the early stages of a relationship, when your spouse will be making an attempt to behave themselves.

It’s important to spend the time necessary getting to know your partner before making any important commitment decisions.

You should also be aware of this very crucial fact: You cannot change your relationship. No matter how drawn you are to a woman, don’t marry her in the hopes that time would transform her; neither love nor time can transform a person; a person can only transform when and if they choose to.

Contrast attraction and love sparingly. Love is a process. To properly love someone, you must take the time to get to know them, and this takes time.


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