10 life skills which should be taught in schools but aren’t

In India, schools follow a fundamental curriculum that has been in place for many years. Each class has roughly five courses, students take tests twice a year, and they are advanced to the next class based on their performance. Some students are even awarded trophies and medals. This is the typical way that education is displayed in our schools.
Despite covering practically all of the content, from the medieval monarchy to trigonometry, these subjects lack the fundamental life skills that people appear to still struggle with even after getting a job or getting married.

Here is a list of some fundamental life skills that need to be taught from the start:
1. Keeping up with basic hygiene

Basic life skills like how to use a bathroom, properly wash your hands, eat with manners, iron your clothes, etc. are all part of maintaining personal hygiene. Even while some schools are aware of it and take the appropriate actions, the majority of schools still do not include this talent in their curricula.

2. Establishing bank accounts and sending money

As we move towards digitization, we’re not talking about stocks and large finance, but rather the fundamental procedure for opening bank accounts. Since there are many platforms on the market for conducting transactions, it is crucial that these skills are taught in schools so that individuals don’t make mistakes.


On the internet, this term is misused so frequently that it nearly no longer has any meaning. The absence of such instruction in the classroom is one of the causes of this. From the moment of his birth, a child experiences gender stereotyping, whether consciously or unconsciously.

4. Managing time

You only need to effectively manage your 24 hours to achieve success in life. Practically every person, in every career, will need to learn how to be organized while being productive.

5. Knowledge of student debts

Do you also believe that discussing student loans is complex science? Sometimes it might seem simpler to study rocket science. Even adults struggle to comprehend the process of student loan borrowing. Even parents weren’t taught about this particular topic, hence it should be included in the curriculum.

6. Taxation and all related issues

Despite the fact that everyone must file taxes, very few people are familiar with the process. According to a survey, 65% of Americans have struggled with paying taxes and have had to pay a significant sum of money to CA for the simplest submission. Nobody actually knows how to file taxes precisely, do you?

7.Choosing your area of passion

They assert that only dead fish follow the current. In the majority of Indian schools, the first lesson taught to students is how to enter the labor market by doing what everyone else does. Nobody has ever urged a student to pursue a subject that they are actually interested in, particularly when it comes to creative occupations like being an artist.

8. Digital laws and online bullying

In this digital age, children begin texting before they talk. Therefore, before doing anything else, we should teach our children about the rules of the internet, its advantages and disadvantages, and the risks associated with playing online games.

9. Maintenance and repairs to the home

Raise your hand if you have lived 30 years ALIVE and are unable to change a lightbulb or mend a pipe in your home. Where do people pick up these fundamental skills? Basic cleaning techniques should be taught to students, and they should be encouraged to assist their parents with domestic chores.

10. First aid and survival equipment for humans

Just consider how much a scenario would be altered if everyone was familiar with first aid techniques. Anyone who knows how to properly stop a bleed, conduct simple tests, lift a patient, or deal with any other tragic situation can be of great assistance to others and serve as a decent citizen.


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