Every food chain starts with sunshine and a green plant.

how vegetation produces
Birds and other animals wouldn’t have anything to eat without plants. In actuality, there wouldn’t be any life at all on Earth without plants. The next time you see someone removing a tree or a thistle, keep this in mind!

Light duty

Because they produce their own sustenance, plants are known as producers. Their leaves absorb a gas known as carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, while their roots absorb water and minerals from the soil. They use the energy from sunshine to transform these nutrients into food. ‘Making out of light’ is the meaning of the word “photosynthesis,” which is what this process is known as. The foods are known as starch and glucose.

noxious plants

Some plants can eat more than they need by devouring small creatures. The sundew inhabits wetlands where the acidic soil is deficient in minerals. Its leaves have sticky tentacles that catch any little insects that land on them. Sundew slowly absorbs the insect’s secretions after it dies in order to provide a unique mineral dietary supplement. Even still, photosynthesis accounts for the majority of sundews’ growth.

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