“She’s Smiling Again”: Lauren London Celebrated Across Social Media After Appearing Happiest She’s Been In A Long Time While Promoting New Movie

Lauren London is easing her way back into the spotlight. The notoriously quiet actress was away raising her family when tragedy struck her life. In the years since, she has emerged as a fierce advocate for perseverance, growth, and healthy grieving. Yesterday she hit the red carpet for her latest film and fans could not have been more excited to see her. Since her red carpert appearance Lauren London has been trending all over social media.

Lauren London was an “it girl” of the early 2000s. She starred in music videos from Pharrell Williams, Tyrese, and Snoop Dogg before making her film debut in ATL. London co-starred with Rapper T.I. and ATL became a culture classic. From here, she scored a series of roles in major projects like Entourage, Everybody Hates Chris, This Christmas, and Madea’s Big Happy Family. London also became the face of Sean Jean alongside friend Cassie and filled in on major television series like Single Ladies and The Game after their leads stepped away.

Behind the scenes, London was solidifying her reputation as one of hip-hop’s first ladies. In addition to appearing in rap videos and the cult classic ATL, she would become Lil Wayne’s girlfriend for a while. They share one son named Kameron. Eventually, the actress dated Nipsey Hussle and began a whirlwind romance that resulted in one child as well. The beautiful couple became mainstays in campaigns, red carpets, and music videos. While alive, Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London were inseparable.

While Lauren London spent most of this time quietly raising her kids, Nipsey’s tragic passing in 2019 forced her back into the spotlight. Due to his overwhelming influence in the Los Angeles community, Lauren was quickly surrounded by love and protection during her healing journey. While she continued to keep his legacy alive through a series of projects aimed at his work before passing, London would begin appearing in films again. 2021 brought with it the action/thriller Without Remorse starring London and Michael B. Jordan. However, it was her 2022 interview with Angie Martinez IRL that brought London’s journey fully into focus.

The widow described how she grieved her partner and how their love has persevered beyond his passing. London described how she helped her kids through Nipsey’s loss and her hopes for the future. At times really dark, the interview shed an honest light on life and loss and made London a hero for many. She’s used that newfound love to launch a collaboration with Puma and Nipsey’s The Marathon Continues titled L.A Love Story. The Los Angeles-inspired line also pulls references from her relationship with Nipsey. Many of the clothes are adorned with phrases he would say and share the blue bandana design that was synonymous with him.

London is also starring in the Netflix comedy You People opposite Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Nia Long. Taking to the red carpet yesterday, fans wowed at her beauty and confidence in light of her last few years. Fans took to social media to celebrate her glorious return saying, “I’m so glad Lauren London is back acting.” Another person said simply, “Ladies and gentlemen, Lauren London,” with a post of her posing.

Another fan confirmed, “Lauren London still got it. All of it.” You People is out on January 27th.

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