5 Brain Hacks to Learn Faster

Even if the word “learning” may not be the most fascinating in the English language, studying is something you should continue to do after you graduate from school. In fact, I contend that the most crucial lessons in life are learned outside of the classroom. The next time you’re attempting to learn a new skill, use these 5 brain tricks to accelerate your learning.
Whatever your goals at the moment may be, I’m certain you still need to acquire new knowledge and skills. Your goals will be accomplished more quickly if you know how to learn more quickly.

It is the difference between someone’s blog becoming successful in its first year and another’s possibly never. It all comes down to learning how to quickly learn what you need to.

I’ve employed each of these five brain tricks since I was a child, and they’ve never let me down.

It helped me graduate with honors from a Russel Group, Red Brick University, pass with flying colors in four other educational systems, and, of course, it helped me develop my many online passive income streams.

Anything is possible if you learn how to learn.
The more something is made you actively think about, the more you learn and comprehend it.

This straightforward method for speeding up learning applies to nearly anything. Start by supporting those who are learning the same thing as you.

Respond to their inquiries and begin educating others. How much faster you learn this manner will astound you.

Apply Your Learning
It’s easy to use this brain trick to learn faster. To ingrain what you just learned into your brain, repetition is the key. The more you practice anything, the simpler and more natural it will feel.

We will unavoidably need to employ many of the things we learn later in life in our daily lives. such as finishing your taxes or paying your debts. However, there are some abilities that are less evident in our daily lives, like negotiation, email marketing, image editing, etc.

You must deliberately make opportunities for yourself to practice these talents.

The majority of abilities are quite simple to learn, and they typically only require a fast YouTube video tutorial or Google search. The only issue is that if you don’t use what you’ve just learned regularly enough, you’ll probably forget it.

When I learn something new, I deliberately put my new abilities and knowledge to use as frequently as possible. It aids in assimilating all that new information into my long-term memory, making use of it in the future simple.

Draft it out.
This is yet another quick-learning brain trick supported by science. You can learn more quickly by actually writing things down rather than merely typing them into your phone or computer.

The process is sped up by using a keyboard instead of moving your full hand to write; nevertheless, this accelerated pace also makes learning more challenging.

Although it may seem counterintuitive given that the focus of this piece is on brain tricks for learning more quickly, it is accurate. You are actively thinking less the faster a signal travels from your brain to the outside world. This hinders your entire learning process.

The more actively your brain is thinking about something, the longer it takes for a message to go from your brain to the outside world. Your learning will be quicker and more effective as a result.

Make notes or directions for yourself and put them in writing. Beginning with rudimentary notes that might not make sense, continue to improve on them. In essence, you’re organizing your thought process to make it easier for you to remember.
Similar Things Done Differently

The goal of this brain hack is to train your brain to perform new tasks towards the same goal. It has been demonstrated that the more learning strategies you employ, the simpler it is for you to understand what you are learning.

As an illustration, I could learn a language by engaging in activities like listening to music, watching TV, going on vacation, reading books, making friends, etc. These are all distinct approaches to applying the same skill.

As a result of challenging your brain to engage with the new knowledge or skill in a variety of ways, this speeds up learning ten times faster than using just one strategy. It’s similar to doing out in a gym. To get better, you can’t just keep doing the same workout forever. To continue seeing benefits, you must occasionally switch up your exercise routine.

The same is true of your brain. You can’t continue to learn in the same manner indefinitely and anticipate the same outcomes. You must occasionally switch things up.

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