9 Surprising Downsides of Being Highly Intelligent

Do you think that, despite your high level of intelligence, you are having a harder struggle than others? that having intelligence can be detrimental at times?
Einstein famously remarked, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Undoubtedly, having a high IQ will enable you to take on and succeed in some of the most difficult jobs, such as doing the unimaginable and challenging everything, including the supernatural. It’s interesting that there are a lot of drawbacks.

Here Are Nine Unexpected Drawbacks of Having a High Level of Intelligence

1. There is a higher likelihood of depression in you. “I’ve never seen happiness in intelligent people before.” Hemingway, Ernest. Those that are clever typically experience loneliness, rage, and melancholy due to their elevated cognitive processes and unique worldviews.
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2. You have a propensity to overthink things. Overanalyzing! It is the most challenging aspect of intelligence. They constantly examine more complex issues that they are unable to mentally resolve. This is the cause of their propensity towards depression. Regular folks don’t see things the same way these people do. They attempt to use their imagination to escape unpleasant emotions. They lose themselves in their imagination, thinking that world will hold the secret to eternal calm. Assume the risk of coming out as conceited. You are knowledgeable. You make sense. You are well-versed in the subject matter. Fallacies in arguments are simple to identify and efficiently refute. You control the conversation or prevail in the dispute, whether it is through your writing or your oratory.

3.It’s fantastic! People, however, dislike it. They dislike having their opinions challenged, their logic refuted, and their decisions shown to be incorrect. Although you may be enjoying intellectual stimulation and concentrating on the material, you’d be surprised at how fast people become personal. They perceive you as nothing more than a haughty brat who is out to show everyone else wrong. Or maybe you’re just attempting to show them how foolish they are, in which case you’re being conceited.
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4. No matter what, you are automatically expected to be the best. Because they are intelligent, others have high expectations for them. These expectations typically overwhelm intelligent people. Nobody is available for you to confide in about your fears and shortcomings. You’re terrified of what would occur if your performance wasn’t up to par. This makes you so fearful of failing that, at times, you are unable to afford to take chances out of pure fear of what might occur if you lose.

5. You should not require assistance of any form. You know you’re smart! What else is necessary in life? What if you were sick and missed a month of classes? You’re an excellent student who can keep up. You don’t require my lecture notes. Did your supervisor assign you the most difficult client? You are so intelligent that you can handle him by yourself! Too many household chores? You are capable of multitasking, intelligent, and independent. Issues in your private life? Why, you are so intelligent, you solve everyone’s issues. What necessity would a shoulder have? People just take it for granted that you can handle everything on your own and never need any assistance, direction, or support, whether it’s out of hatred or pure speculation. (And you are conceited if you can actually get by without assistance.)

6. Enemies are all around you. To me, intelligence is a complex quality. It involves more than just IQ, wit, or memorization of facts. It combines tidbits of wisdom, intelligence, good soft skills, and a likable disposition. Intelligentsia is troubling too. Smart people are known for several things; they are not the same as people who are known for only one, specific forte. With the exception of direct “competitors,” persons who are well-known for their intelligence, attractiveness, athleticism, creativity, or anything else are generally well-liked and welcomed. However, you will face someone who is somewhat intelligent, has some artistic knowledge, speaks clearly, holds a respectable degree, and has a respectable sense of style in clothing. as you begin to wriggle. In general society, jealousy is more widespread among intelligent, multidimensional people than among professionals.
7. You are aware of your ignorance. “Knowing too much makes you feel like you don’t know enough is a curse associated with intelligence.” Says Mike Farkas. It’s common for super-intelligent people to recognize their own cognitive limitations. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to comprehend or grasp everything.

8. The incapacity to connect with common people. Not every chat these people have is enjoyable. They thereby suffer from a severe sense of loneliness. They feel that life has no purpose if they are unable to dedicate themselves to anything, and when they come to terms with the fact that their concerns differ from those of their friends, they decide to remain independent. These individuals consequently frequently have suicide thoughts and feelings.

9. In the end, you are by yourself. Are we not all? Not quite in the strict sense of the word, though. Smart people tend to become introverted. Those who don’t still have a small circle of reliable friends. It is hard for you to find people who do not hate your intelligence, who do not feel under pressure from it, or who are not with you because of your clever solutions.
Finding companions who can see past your intelligence and uncover the real you is a difficult task. It is difficult to meet acquaintances who, simply because you are intelligent, do not make assumptions about you. Apart from those select few, you are by yourself.
There are benefits to being extremely brilliant, but like with anything in this life, there are drawbacks as well. If you fit into this description, then separate yourself from the crowd and forge your own route.


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