Omari Hardwick Opens Up About Losing His First Child & Having To Work The Same Day, Turned Him Angry At Hollywood

Omari Hardwick is an established Hollywood actor known for his role as Ghost on Power. Behind the scenes, he is also a loving husband and father. Over the years, his family life has been scrutinized. Hardwick recently opened up about some of the hurdles he and his wife have faced together and the incident that left him angry at Hollywood.

Omari Hardwick’s wife is Jennifer Pfautch. The pair tied the knot in 2012 and have a beautiful family with two children, Nova and Brave. The pair’s life before his success is pretty unknown, but Jennifer’s LinkedIn reveals that she worked for CAA and Paradigm Talent Agency at different points. She is of Native American and German descent, and her race has always been a point of contingency for fans of Hardwick. Over the years, he defended his decision to marry Jennifer and has always spoken well of his wife and the role she plays in his life.

During several interviews, he’s opened up about how fans try to disrespect his wife and how he shuts them down. This has meant even denying fans pictures if they cannot acknowledge Jennifer’s presence. “This woman to my right has saved my life; just relax,” he recalled telling an overzealous fan during a Breakfast Club interview. Omari Hardwick admits that he was very broke at several points in his career, and Jennifer has always held him down.

The actor admitted in an interview last year that loving her felt like an act of radical freedom because he was raised in such a segregated world. Hardwick believes that marrying Jennifer made him a better person and allowed him to be better for others. He even called her “strong in ways that a million black women did not know a white woman could be.”

One moment where Jennifer and Omari’s strength came into play was when they lost their first child. During an interview with Lance Gross, he opened up about how much the loss impacted him and his career. When asked if he had to ever choose between his work and his well-being, Omari recalled the loss and how it seemed like the world was not willing to stop for him to grieve. Omari was six years into his career as an actor and filming two movies simultaneously while Jennifer was pregnant. While they were instructed to abort the child, they decided to see the pregnancy to term an eventually lost him. He recalls being forced to work the day his baby was delivered and having so much animosity toward acting in that moment.

Lance Gross admits that he also lost a child and found out in the middle of a scene. “I felt like I should have been there,” he admits. Lance and Omari admit that it is more common than people think, but no one talks about it. In other interviews, Omari credited Terry Crews for helping him through that difficult time and opened up about how it almost ruined his marriage.

Terry and his wife convinced Omari and Jennifer to stay together at a time when the loss almost drove them to divorce.

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