11 Signs Of A True Narcissist

Someone who believes they are superior to everyone around them is something I have always had a problem with. While I believe that confidence in oneself is a commendable quality in any person, there is a distinction between self-assurance and insinuation. Even worse is when the offender is acting in that way without even realising it. It gets harder to recognise the warning signs that indicate you may have narcissistic tendencies since other people have normalised that kind of behaviour.
A person who is a narcissist is frequently egotistical, conceited, and dependent on adoration from their own qualities, according to Dictionary. Sadly, the majority of those who fit this description either deny or cannot acknowledge that they are like way. Having narcissistic traits might not seem like a huge problem, but according to the Mayo Clinic, it can turn into a mental illness called narcissistic personality disorder. This kind of disease typically affects people between the ages of 19 and 40 and causes problems in one’s money, relationships at work, and personal life.

These are a wonderful place to start if you want to learn about some narcissistic traits, even if there is no cure for the illness.

1. You Must Inflate Your Accomplishments

The impulse to overstate your accomplishments is a narcissistic propensity, according to Psych Central. Being extremely self-important indicates that you have narcissistic personality disorder and that you feel you should be valued.
2. You’re Not Empathic

As per Psychology Today, another characteristic of narcissism is the absence of empathy. This demonstrates your lack of empathy and your self-centeredness.

3. You Must Always Assume a Leadership Position

You can have narcissistic tendencies if you always believe that you need to be in a leadership position, claims Huff Post. Narcissistic individuals aspire to be leaders because it gives them a sense of superiority. But that doesn’t mean they’re good leaders.

4. You Plagiarise in Partnerships

According to Business Insider, there is also a propensity for this when someone cheats in a relationship. When narcissists discover that their partners have committed, they are more inclined to cheat because they believe they can 5..get away with it.

The way you exploit other people
BPD Central states that a narcissist’s nature is to take advantage of other people. These people don’t hesitate to harm others in order to achieve their own goals and don’t give it a second thought.

6. You Think You’re Better Than Everyone Else

The Mayo Clinic states that you may be narcissistic if you tend to think of yourself as superior to people around you.

7. You Enjoy Being the focus of attention

According to Health, narcissists enjoy taking centre stage in discussions and making everything about themselves. If this describes you, your first priority is to impress people around you and boast about how great you are.
8) You’re An Addict To Work
According to the previously mentioned Business Insider piece, workaholism is another trait of a narcissist. Typically, perfectionists—a narcissistic trait—are impatient, obsessive, and workaholics.
9. You’re conceited

As stated in the aforementioned Mayo Clinic article, haughty behaviour is consistent with narcissism. Although some would confuse this for confidence, there is a clear distinction between the two.

10 You Offer Unsolicited Counsel
According to the aforementioned Health article, you might be more of a narcissist than you realise if you enjoy giving advise to people even when it isn’t asked for. This is the ideal illustration of how you may show off your superiority by sharing your knowledge.

11 You Appreciate Kind Things

In the aforementioned article, Huff Post pointed out that having a strong affection for nice things may also indicate narcissism. Although not all shopaholics are the same, narcissists share the urge to exhibit high status through material possessions.

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