Spraying perfume on these areas will make the fragrance of your perfume last longer on your body

By misting your perfume in certain regions, you can intensify its scent.

Perhaps you don’t think that applying your perfume to particular body parts prolongs its scent?

It matters where you spray your perfume.
The natural oils found at the body’s pulse points are what give perfume its optimal performance from the human body.

When the scent is released into the air, the heat produced by the pulse points helps to preserve it.

Find the ideal spots to mist your perfume.
Neck: The neck is a wonderful spot to spray perfume because it has a warm pulse and is typically exposed. It also leaves a positive impression following an embrace.

Elbow: One of the body’s locations where blood vessels are closest to the skin is the inside of the elbow, which makes it a fantastic pulse point for fragrance.
Behind your ears: After a good hug, the oily area behind your ears enhances the perfume’s potency and leaves a lasting effect.

Top of your shoulders: The aroma you already wear around your neck is enhanced by your shoulders.

The backs of the knees are pulse spots, therefore if you are wearing a dress that shows off your legs, it will look good.
Wrists: The wrists are an excellent place to apply perfume.

In the hair: perfume helps disperse your favourite scent by adding scent to each hair strand. Just be sure the perfume you choose won’t harm your hair.

Chest: Firstly, you need to think about your attire. Your chest might be a good idea if you are wearing clothing that is not as tightly fitted.

The throat is a place of pulse. Since your throat is a pulse point, apply especially there to extend the longevity of your fragrance.

Your clothing: Since clothing absorbs and retains scent longer than regular skin, applying perfume to it won’t be a bad idea.


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