Woman Who Spends Five Hours Per Day in the Kitchen Says Her Job is to Make Husband’s Life Easier

The subject of gender roles is now frequently debated. The idea of dispelling some stereotypes is becoming more and more popular. Some, on the other hand, have discovered that a more conventional lifestyle suits them just fine. For Estee Williams, a 25-year-old, this is the situation.
Estee and her husband Connor, 23, have come under heavy criticism for adhering to traditional gender norms. She spends about five hours a day in the kitchen and is adamant about keeping her status as a “tradwife.” Estee gladly conforms to gender stereotypes in spite of criticism since she feels it is her duty to make her husband’s life easier.

Having Similar Beliefs

In 2020, Estee was a meteorology student when she met her future husband. The Virginia pair fell in love as soon as they saw how much they had in common. She stopped attending school soon after and turned her attention to conforming to her gender norms. Since Connor works as an electrician full-time, Estee feels that he shouldn’t have any tasks to complete when he gets home. She revealed that although she never anticipates it, he does occasionally lend a hand around the house.

Adhering to Their Gender Perceptions

She cooks from scratch for about five hours every day and cleans for about two more. She not only prepares his lunches and cooks all of his meals, but she also hangs his clothes. She enjoys trying out new activities and going grocery shopping in her free time. Estee is taking a gardening course and intends to take up figure skating. According to Estee, one of the reasons their marriage is so well is that they never dispute about gender roles. Both spouses are aware of their responsibilities in advance.

She not only prepares meals and cleans the house for her husband, but she also practically gives him complete control. Without him, she never goes to the gym. In addition, she never makes a purchase without his consent—not even groceries. Additionally, she makes it a point to get her hair and cosmetics done as soon as he gets home from work.

upcoming plans

The couple hopes to have children in the coming years, but they are not parents yet. The couple’s situation won’t really change because Estee will still take care of the children and adhere to gender norms while Connor is at work. She stated that she wants to be in charge of what her children are “consuming academically,” which is why she intends to homeschool them.

Suffering imparts a Priceless Lesson

Estee mentioned how hard it was to witness her mother suffer after her parents divorced when she was a small child. She also thinks that women cannot have it all. Because of their decisions to conform to gender norms, the couple faces constant harassment on social media, with some labeling Estee “lazy.” But, she doesn’t mind since she values the mental clarity that comes from not having to work or worry about money.

The desire to be free to live as one pleases is the fundamental motivator behind the fight for gender equality. Her prerogative to live as she sees fit is unaffected by the effort to eliminate gender roles, and it appears that she and her spouse have struck a balance that suits them.

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