12 Signs He’s Not In Love With You

You are curious as to whether he is in love with you or just using you for his convenience. then heed these indications. You will receive your responses:

1. He never expresses his emotions
You cannot open up to someone if you don’t feel true love. Genuine men only divulge their most intimate feelings to those they perceive to be soul mates.

2. He only acts romantically when he wants something.
You should be aware that a man’s love could not be sincere if he solely cares about your happiness and shows little to no interest in your needs and wants as a woman.

3. He frequently brings up his ex.
A man who doesn’t feel any emotion for you might never move on from his ex. Because he is insecure about himself, he retains her as a fallback. If your partner frequently makes comparisons to his former or brings her up while you are together, he has never genuinely loved you.

4.Occasionally, he feels alien to you.
Someone who has no interest in your love or connection with them cannot make you feel warm and concerned. It can simply be your physical presence keeping you around if you feel cut off from him.

5. He avoids discussing the future.
It’s a sign that your boyfriend doesn’t see you as his future spouse if he doesn’t talk about his plans for the future or how he sees spending the rest of his life with you.

6.He doesn’t express regret after a dispute
There is an issue if you quarrel with your man and he doesn’t apologize or provide comfort. Keep an eye on how your partnership handles misunderstandings.

7. He never seems concerned about the direction of the relationship.
He might view the connection as nothing more than a game. He doesn’t appear concerned about its course or its destination. Which more signals are required?

8. He never exhibits concern for you
He never makes an effort to keep you safe or to care for and love you. He doesn’t feel that way; it’s not his fault.

He is never given priority.
When he already has other plans and isn’t prepared to change them for you, that is one of the greatest signals that he could not be in love with you, if not the biggest.

10. He never appears to be present in the moment.
He doesn’t even appear excited for important occasions, such as planning a candlelit meal with great love. The lack of enthusiasm is palpable.

10. You haven’t met his family.
There is an issue if he refuses to introduce you to his family and makes lame excuses. This strongly suggests that his love may not be sincere. You could even consult a guy friend.

12. You simply feel unwell all the time.
You never feel special around him, and you know in your heart that there are telltale signals that he isn’t really madly in love with you. But you battle that unpleasant sensation. Trust your gut and be open with your worries.


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