Rapper Slim Thug Accuses Ciara Of Being With Russell Wilson For ‘Financial Stability’ Says A Woman Who Talked To Future Doesn’t Want A Russell Wilson

It seems as though some people can’t revel in their happiness without some sort of criticism from outside sources.  It’s been said that “when good is present, bad is sure to follow”, and the threat of this saying is trying to prove true for singer Ciara, who’s doing her best to live unbothered and happily married to her husband, Russell Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback “1, 2, Stepped” into Ciara’s heart when they began dating in early 2015 after she ended her relationship with rapper Future.  Wilson and Ciara took their relationship a step further in March of 2016 when they announced their engagement, and then the couple married on July 6, 2016, in a lavish ceremony at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

Prior to their marriage, her relationship with Future had been heating up.  She also had been engaged to the “Mask Off” rapper in October of 2013, and the two share a son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

As it turned out, Ciara’s future wouldn’t involve the rapper, and they called off their engagement after rampant rumors swirled of Future’s infidelity.   “They tried to work things out between them but it could not be saved,” a source told Entertainment Weekly, also adding that the singer is “focusing on her baby and friends now.”

While Ciara and her husband and her children are living well, some folks seem to be a bit skeptical of their union.  Rapper Slim Thug falls in the category of those that question their relationship.

The rapper appeared on an interview at Houston radio station 97.9 The Box and had a mouthful to say concerning the two.  “Do a woman who used to talk to Future really want a Russell Wilson?” he asked. “I don’t believe it. I think it’s all for financial stability.

I don’t think that — after you like the dude who cool, homeboy just … No hate, I bought his shoes the other day for the Sugar Daddy Slim outfit. I’m just saying, I have no personal issue with him, or her, God bless them.”

Continuing on his thoughts of their “faux relationship”, he adds, “He’s just a corny dude, ain’t nothing wrong with it.  I ain’t gonna say corny cause that’s hatin’. He’s just like a square…I don’t believe that a girl who come from a street dude could even adapt to it.” Well, Ciara caught wind of the Houston rapper’s comments and clapped back with a few of her own.

Taking to Instagram, she posted a meme in defense of her decision and her marriage, saying, “Repeating the same bad habit over and over again, is a form of insanity.  There comes a point in your life when you know better,” it said.  “You owe it to yourself.  It’s just that simple.”

After captioning the post with “Let’s not make things complicated, when they don’t need to be,” she uploaded another post in defense to Wilson.   The post contained a personal definition of what she deemed “Cool”, once again addressing the Houston rapper for claiming Wilson was “lame” and “corny”.  She captioned the upload, “Cool is in the eye of the beholder.”

Thug received backlash from fans who came to Ciara’s defense as well as Russel Wilson’s.  This led him to record an apology video on social media.  He states as well that his words were misconstrued and used for clickbait, and then chooses to further clarify his statement.  “I believe if you like street dudes, you like street dudes. I think a woman would do that for financial stability and for the better of her kids or a [more] solid life, but I don’t think that’s initially, in her heart, who she really wants to be with. I could be wrong; I’m a rapper.”

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