5 Signs Your Partner is in it For Physical Relationship, Not Love

You can believe that your connection is genuine only to learn later that your partner was simply interested in having sex. Cheating is not gender-specific; both men and women frequently keep their relationships hooked up for amusement. Look for these 5 indicators to prove yourself correct or, hopefully, wrong if you feel like you are only being used for sex and there is no actual connection in the relationship.
1. Uneasy With Expressing Emotions:

In this situation, emotional distance with your partner can signify one of two things: either they are emotionally involved with someone else or they don’t believe anyone, not even you, is close enough to whom they can communicate their emotions. Sharing of emotions is present in any romantic relationship where sex is one of the numerous methods to demonstrate affection.
The lack of emotional sharing is not crazy, though, if the connection is hollow and consists solely of bedroom intimacy. After all, why would you tell the candy vendor you’re sad when all you want from him is the candy? You won’t see the sense in getting close to them. People who are in a relationship for sex tend to think in that manner. Take the chocolates and ignore the vendor.
2.They’ve Previously Been in Short-Term Relationships:
Their incapacity to maintain a relationship for an extended period of time may also be an indication of their dishonesty. They might leave their lovers to avoid having to bear the pain of heartache; they might do it more frequently to prevent growing too connected to someone, which may be a result of their emotional instability; or they might think it is exciting.

Whatever the cause of their brief partnerships, it can help you evaluate your current circumstance. Even though this indicator might not be sufficient by itself to determine their intentions, it does provide you a suggestion. There is nothing wrong with thinking that they might love you like they have never loved anyone, but you definitely don’t want to be exploited for sex just to have your hopes dashed later. Use your knowledge of their past to your advantage.

3. Available For Only Physical Relationships: This is arguably the most prevalent and powerful indicator. They will often give justifications for missing gatherings like picnics, birthday parties, and family dinners. They will nearly always have an excuse not to go with you to such social activities, but they will agree to cuddle up in bed.

They’ll agree to accompany you on dates so that you can have sex when the date is over. Some of these partners might even go with you to specific events to give the impression that they are interested in you, but in reality, they are really playing the long game in search of nothing but sex. On the other side, some individuals might not even bother to appear engaged. No date here. Sure, sex.
The simplest to spot is this warning symbol.

4. You Had It Even Though You Didn’t Want To: Having sex even though you initially did not want to is one indication that your spouse is only in the relationship for sexual purposes. When you explicitly state that you are not in the mood or have any other excuse for not having it but they persuade you in any other way, you will know that something is wrong.

A simple “no” would have been sufficient to explain your denial to them if they had given your mood and feelings the attention they deserved. However, they are continuously attempting to change your no into a yes since they couldn’t care less about anything other than sex. In addition to being a symptom of their apathy, it is a severe issue that has to be resolved right now.

5. Everything Must Be Dirty: They always attempt to make sexual content the focus of their actions. In a fun relationship, it’s acceptable to flirt and joke around occasionally, but it becomes troublesome when everything must be dirty because they insist on it. It’s a warning flag for you when casual texting when you’re attempting to communicate seriously always turns into flirting. It’s a warning flag for you if they never seem content to simply sit or cuddle while you watch a movie, preferring instead to turn it off and engage in sexual activity.

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