Stop Saying “I Love You” To Your Partner, Say These Instead

1.You’re incredibly attractive.
You don’t just look good, you look absolutely fantastic, and I can’t take my eyes off of you. That sneaky swear word basically means, “You’re so hot!”
2. I love you more today than I did yesterday.

It’s not just that you love them more now than you did before; it’s also because you sat down today and considered how much your love has grown over the past 24 hours.

3. You just brought a tear to my eye.

It’s nice to have a sense of humor, but it’s even better to have a clever sense of humor. It’s simple to overlook your partner’s sense of humor. This serves as a reminder to make one another laugh and to enjoy it when it does.

I adore your body, 4.

Make sure they are aware of your intense yearning for their body. Yes, there are things that are more significant than the body, but this may seem trivial to some. But eventually, things like this become just as significant in your relationship.

5. You, my dear, are the only person I despise today.

Because sometimes the finest compliment of all is a silent one. The best we can expect for in a marriage on some days is to be with someone we can put up with on a daily basis.

6. I enjoy both our conversations and our silence.

Talk is cheap, but you have to strive for the silence that goes with it.

Building a relationship with someone where silence is comfortable requires some time and work. As one may comprehend their words, one can also understand their silence. And the stillness isn’t at all weird; in a peculiar sense, it’s peaceful.

7. Your appearance has improved since we first spoke.

because growing older depresses everyone. Better still, if we can be more precise: Find a feature about your partner that has gotten better with age, like a slimmer face. a torso with more muscle? And congratulate them on it.

8. I absolutely adore you.

Try saying that without any intention. It’s not feasible!

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