Brother Wants to Adopt His Little Sister After Dad Passed Away, Finds Out His Wife Is Against It

In a post that was twice removed from Reddit, the specifics of a man’s internal conflict about whether or not to care for his younger sister were made public.
Although the original poster (OP) wanted to do everything within his power to help her, his wife thought otherwise. The OP and his wife had been married for two years when his father died, leaving his sister alone and in need of care.

With a younger sibling, the OP is more like a father figure than an older brother.
When the father of the OP departed for his journey, the younger sister was eleven years old.
The OP and his spouse were childless and had no intention of becoming parents anytime soon. This was an issue because they didn’t want kids.

Upon experiencing a tragic loss, the OP and those close to him had to make tough choices. Unfortunately, we didn’t anticipate the conflict that resulted from the choices we made. The original post states: “My father’s illness was pancreatic cancer. My sister’s options are as follows: either I take her in, or my uncle [my dad’s brother] does. She picked me when we asked her who she wanted. The issue is that my spouse and I made the decision not to have children.

The two men concurred that it was a significant decision and that the little girl ought to be given the chance to voice her preferences over her residence. The small child made the decision to stay with the OP and his spouse.

But the problem began when the OP’s wife made it obvious that she didn’t want kids and that adopting his sister would imply that they were parents.
The woman contended that neither she nor her husband should adopt the small child because her uncle was able to do so.

The OP said that although his sister had expressed a wish to remain with him, he would not compel her to stay with their uncle because he wanted to ensure her recovery and that she would not have to deal with the loss of her parents following their father’s death.

The decision greatly infuriated the OP and his wife.
However, the OP eventually admitted to his wife that he would allow his sister to live with them, whether or not she liked it. In addition, he threatened to file for divorce from her if she refused. There was a pause in their conversation following that.
Later on, the original poster updated the post to add that he and his spouse had spoken about it once more and decided to split up. He then said:

“You really are picking your sister over me,” she added.
The OP gave his wife the reassurance that all she knew about the situation was acceptable and that he didn’t want to talk about it any more. He went on to say that his sister was his main priority right now.
The OP and his wife didn’t speak to each other again after that. “I have been living with my sister for one week now,” he added. Being a brother who is somewhat of a father is difficult, but I truly love it.

Numerous comments on the original story believed that the person who posted the item had done the right thing by his sister and that his wife’s refusal to accept a homeless kid constituted insensitivity.
If any of the people reading the post were parents, they would be wise to make a will that names a guardian for their kids in case they pass away too soon.

Another person claims that after their parents passed away, their half-sister brought them back to their childhood home, but it was clear they weren’t welcome.
The individual fled when she was fifteen, but neither her spouse nor their half-sister inquired about their whereabouts.
According to one user, if the OP’s sister had stayed in the house, she would have detected any animosity toward her, and the couple should have divorced.

Someone without children stated that it would have also been a deal breaker for them.

Some supported the wife of the person in question, arguing that she was aware of her limitations and was unfit to care for a child experiencing such severe stress.
Another person commented in, stating that even if the OP’s wife didn’t want to help raise his sister, she would be compelled to take on the role of mother.

Another user stated that although they would often support the wife, they were unable to do so in this particular situation since they believed the wife had unfairly accused the OP and his sister, saying that he favored her.


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