What Guys Really Want, But Don’t Have The Gut To Tell You!

Is it true that women are from Venus and males are from Mars? Men do not typically talk about their needs, expectations, or difficulties like women do.

This is also a result of their increased insecurity and inability to constantly know what they want out of life.
In other words, a guy who doesn’t even realize he needs something won’t ask for it. However, if you could “read his mind” and determine that he would welcome a gift, surprise, or even a small daily item, he would be much more grateful since he will realize, “Wow, I really needed that”!

These are the top five things that males would truly love and appreciate, but either they don’t know it or they don’t have the confidence to say it:

When a young lady requests their guidance
Men have an intense urge to feel as though they have accomplished something significant. to feel valuable. to “make the day matter.” This applies to more than just their job.

A man also values investing a portion of his mind into his partner’s existence. Advice about what to wear, what to eat, or anything work-related The fact that he feels more relevant and connected to his partner is what counts.

However, because they are fixers and solution-oriented, males excel at giving advise. Asking males for assistance would be a great idea because they are also “strict to the point” in their thinking.


Although receiving a compliment is something that every man desires, he will never acknowledge it, believing that it will make him appear less manly to his significant other.

Just like women, guys also experience insecurities over their appearance and the way things appear on them. Additionally, they are human!

They exercise to maintain their physical appearance, and they trim their hair and beard more regularly than a woman visits a salon, but they will never publicly admit that their partner doesn’t value the work they put into looking the way they do.

When women communicate their wants in a way that fulfills them

A man would do anything to cheer up his wife if he truly loved her. Furthermore, a male will likely desire to end the relationship if he doesn’t think he can make his woman happy.

Hence, rather than remaining silent and feeling repressed and leaving the “elephant in the room,” a woman should find a way to talk to her partner and gently explain things if she isn’t happy with a birthday present, how things are going in the bedroom, or anything else.

When a man’s pride is damaged, it cannot be healed. Furthermore, it’s a clear red flag for the male when a woman begins “lecturing” rather than engaging in conversation, as it makes him feel less like a man and more like a child.


Mankind may be obstinate and willing to do whatever comes to mind, but they also want assistance and support along the journey.

They also require help since they are incapable of handling failure properly. Otherwise, they would fear failure as if it were the end of the world. When a woman is proud and encouraging, a man feels compelled to accomplish more and more; nevertheless, when she is disappointed, he frequently repeats the same mistakes out of frustration or feelings of worthlessness. That is highly detrimental to the partnership.

Wanting him

The greatest motivation for a man is the knowledge that he satisfies his woman sexually. From an evolutionary perspective, all males in a species possess this trait. While women in certain animals defend their men, this is not the case in the human world. Seeing his girlfriend turn on for him is the biggest turn on for a man!

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