If Your Partner Says One Of These 12 Things, They Might Cheat On You

Cheating is a terrible thing. Any form of unfaithfulness or infidelity should not be tolerated in a love partnership. There is not a single reasonable situation in the world where cheating would be acceptable. There is never a situation in which lying is acceptable. Still, it does occur. And when it does, you have to prepare yourself.
When you enter a relationship, you naturally want to see the best side of the person you are dating. You should always presume that they will act honorably toward you and that they won’t betray you. That being said, the possibility still exists that the person you love the most will betray you.
For this reason, you should continue to remain on the lookout. You should continue to exercise caution. And a lot of that has to do with being vigilant for any warning signs. Keep reading to the end of this post if you’re curious about what to watch out for.
Some words and phrases that your partner may say that could be signs of cheating or infidelity are highlighted here. You should be cautious around your partner if you observe that they frequently say the things that are on this list.

1. “What would you do if I cheated on you?”
Additionally, hypotheticals can materialize in the real world. You shouldn’t be dismissive of hypothetical inquiries such as these for this reason. It indicates that your significant other may have entertained ideas of genuinely having an affair.

2. “Why does my destination matter?”
It’s possible that your partner is sneaking around behind your back if they start acting evasive about where they’re going and what they’re doing. When you ask them a question, they could also become defensive and try to place the blame, answering with things like “Why do you care?” and “It’s none of your business where I am all the time.”

No, I apologize for not texting you all day. I’ve had a lot going on.
Could your significant other not notify you that they are working on something for at least thirty seconds? Yes, exactly. Seems a little unrealistic, though.

4. “You’re very foolish.”
In any situation, insults are bad. However, it’s particularly awful when they’re created in the midst of a love relationship. Being with someone who openly and directly insults you is never a good thing. It could indicate that they are tired of you. And their disdain for one another may result in adultery. These are the 9 dumb relationship games you shouldn’t tolerate.

5. “I have to travel a lot more now because of the office.”
This is a common justification that many adulterers use to justify their cheating to their partners. They will cheat on their relationships and use their jobs as the ideal cover to take time off without raising any red flags.

6. “He most likely had motivations for betraying her.”
Your partner’s justification of someone else’s unfaithful actions should give you cause for concern. Someone you’re with may think that there are some circumstances in which cheating is appropriate. And you should undoubtedly feel uneasy about that. Here’s How to Spot Cheating Behavior from Your Boyfriend

7. “I think you don’t really value me anymore.”
When your partner shows signs of not feeling validated or appreciated in the relationship, proceed with extreme caution. That could indicate that they’re actively looking for approval from someone else, possibly even in the arms of another. Why does she remark, “I appreciate you,” and what does that mean?

8. “Are you betraying me?”
It may not be a good indicator if your lover suddenly starts questioning you about cheating on them. It could indicate that they are having an extramarital affair and they are assuming that you will follow suit. What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Cheats on Me?

9. “Why do you ask me where I’m going so much?”
Generally speaking, the strongest and healthiest partnerships shouldn’t have any problems with transparency. You should be concerned if your partner is acting suspiciously and won’t give you specifics about any plans they may have. How Can I Make My Boyfriend’s Relationship More Entertaining?

10. “What stops you from being more like _____?”
Any relationship will suffer and become toxic if there is any comparison to another individual. But, if your spouse makes specific references to someone, it’s probable that they are cheating on you with that person.

11. “I refuse to divulge the passcode to my phone to you!”
Everyone has the right to privacy. If on the other hand you observe that your partner is unduly guarded of their communication equipment, it is truly strange. Anyhow, what have they got to hide from you? Do you really need to worry? Your phone is hurting your relationship in these 15 ways.

“Oh, is this our anniversary?” 12.
When your lover begins to forget the crucial dates in your relationship, it’s undoubtedly a terrible sign. It could indicate that they’re not truly interested in being with you anymore and have begun to check out of your relationship arrangement. 15 “Small Things” That She Actually Finds Very Important

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