Massive 12-foot python slithers through toilet, startles homeowner

Thailand’s Samut Prakan Suwi Paramas, a housewife from Samut Prakan, recently had a close contact with an unexpected guest in her restroom, which is a terrifying experience that sends shivers down one’s spine. Suwi went to wash her hands after a usual trip to the toilet and was terrified to see a snake’s head protruding from the bowl.

The woman was so frightened that she paused for a moment before screaming, alerting her husband and brother-in-law who were at home. Totally unaware of the dangerous situation that awaited them in the lavatory, the two ran to her rescue.

When the family saw the snake, they quickly left their home and called the authorities. When the wildlife response crew got there quickly, they saw that the intruder was a 12-foot python. A u-bend in the piping was where the snake was stuck, making it impossible to remove with specialised tools.

The team had to disassemble the plumbing system in order to properly retrieve the snake because of how big the python was. The plumbing system and the snake survived the delicate procedure, and the reptile was eventually allowed to return to its natural environment.

Still reeling from what had happened, Suwi Paramas said, “I was so afraid. I was unable to even observe the reason behind their snake-catching. I may have died from it.”

Snake-related incidents in restrooms have been documented in the past. A man in Southeast Asia was bitten by a snake in 2021 while using the loo, while a Thai man was hospitalised in 2016 after being bitten on his genitalia by a 10-foot python in an unusual event.

The most recent incident should serve as a clear reminder to locals to maintain their vigilance because, although uncommon, these kinds of incidents draw attention to the possible risks involved in seemingly routine tasks.

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