Farmer finds giant egg but what was inside was even more puzzling


A farmer in Texas made the startling discovery of finding an enormous egg laid by an average-sized chicken. When he cracked the egg open, he was amazed by what he saw.

The incident, which happened in July 2015, was documented and has now received over 3 million views on YouTube. Identifying himself as “just an old Texas farmer appreciating nature,” the farmer taps the massive egg to make a tiny break in its shell. The first thing he discovers as he peels off a chunk is a big yolk, but the narrative doesn’t end there.

Another surprise is in store, much to the farmer’s enjoyment. “Oh, I see another surprise!” he cries as he finds another egg inside the enormous one. The farmer then carefully extracts the yolk from the outer shell, exposing what he refers to as a “double egger.” He says, laughing, “No double yolks, that’s for wimps.” We received two eggs!”

The second egg, which is regular in size, is inside the large one. Relentlessly, the farmer cracks open the inner egg to uncover a simple, everyday egg akin to ones frequently seen in supermarkets.

As seen in the video, double-shelled eggs are incredibly uncommon and frequently cause people to scoff even when they are photographed. An almost-ready-to-lay egg will experience this phenomena when it reverses course and develops a new layer of albumen wrapped in a second shell. According to Poultry Help, this strange phenomenon is called a “counter-peristalsis contraction.”

This engrossing video provides a firsthand look into the amazing world of farming, where nature occasionally presents shocks that defy the usual, despite the scepticism surrounding the veracity of such events.





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