Hang Mioku: The Model Who Ruined Her Face Forever, Look At Her Before & Now Photos

A once-successful singer and model from South Korea, Hang Mioku, has earned notoriety for a series of unfortunate decisions about plastic surgery that have resulted in her face being permanently scarred. These actions were made in an effort to conform to the beauty standards of society.

Having been born in 1963, Hang Mioku first became well-known in the entertainment industry by working as a model for a variety of different commercial campaigns. As her career advanced, she got more and more preoccupied with her appearance, and she decided to have a number of plastic surgery procedures in an effort to achieve the idealised beauty she had always envisioned for herself.

South Korea, which is sometimes referred to as the global capital of plastic surgery, has witnessed an increase in the number of aesthetic surgeries, which has had an effect on people like Hang. The unfortunate reality is that the operations she performed did not produce the anticipated outcomes and instead resulted in a detrimental alteration of her face. Hang was taken to the hospital by her family out of concern for her health; however, due to financial constraints, they were unable to afford the necessary therapies for her mental health and appearance-related difficulties.

Unfazed, Hang pursued additional surgical procedures, despite the fact that established medical specialists were unwilling to perform them. In an act of desperation, she went to the underground market, where she was able to get a vial of silicone and was given the recommendation to administer the injections on her own. As the amount of money available to her decreased, Hang took a radical action and injected frying oil into her face, which caused damage that could not be repaired.

Over the course of several years, Hang underwent over ten corrective surgeries, during which she was able to successfully remove 260 grammes of foreign substances from her face and neck. This was made possible with the support of medical specialists and generous donations. Despite all of these efforts, she continues to be disfigured, which exemplifies the irreversible effects that her decisions have brought about.

The sad events that transpired in Hang Mioku’s life serve as a cautionary tale about the perils of excessive beauty standards and the shadowy side of the cosmetic surgery industry. There is optimism that she will find consolation and support on her journey towards self-acceptance and rehabilitation, despite the fact that it is extremely likely that her physical appearance will never entirely recover.


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