Dog Is Broken After His Adoption Falls Through, So He Stares At A Wall All Day, Then Something Happened… 😭 Check The Below

the Pit Bull who was homeless at the time, was a laid-back and jovial individual when he was originally rescued from the streets.

The employees at the Philadelphia city shelter were certain that this gorgeous and well-behaved young man would soon be placed in a home that would be his permanent residence. On the other hand, March’s stay at the shelter quickly developed into a terrifying nightmare for her.

March was not accustomed to being confined in kennels or being surrounded by other terrified animals while they waited to be adopted. The mental toll that this placed on him was significant, and his spark started to fade away. However, the most distressing thing that happened to him was that a family that had committed to adopt him turned him down. The reason for this was that they did not find him to be as “playful” as they had anticipated he would be.

March’s life was flipped upside down when he found out that the family who placed him for adoption had ultimately decided to back out of the arrangement and send him back to the shelter. March appeared to be in a state of clear defeat and depression once he was returned to his chilly kennel. As he slouched to one corner of the room and refused to engage in conversation with anyone, he looked at the wall in a miserable manner.

After learning about March, a local news reporter by the name of Dawn Timmeney made the decision to post his tragic story on various social media platforms. The heartbreaking photographs of March’s kennel attitude, which depicted him in a depressed state, attracted a great deal of attention from the community, and as a result, the life of this gloomy youngster was drastically altered.

Dawn’s social media campaign resulted in a rescue being offered to take place in March, only three days before his time on the execution list was scheduled to take place. As March made his way out of the shelter, it was a moment of immense triumph that he had never experienced before!

March will be well taken care of by the new rescue, which is a charity that does not murder animals, until he is reunited with his forever home. In spite of the fact that March’s story comes to a happy conclusion, there are millions of dogs in shelters that are euthanized because they are unable to adjust to their new environment or find homes in time. For the sake of these sad folks, let us do our part and become the voice for them. Get the word out there.

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