Empire Star, Bryshere Gray 2-Hour Interrogation Video Surfaces Online.

Actor Bryshere Grey, popularly known as Yazz or Yazz The Greatest from the TV musical drama Empire, is shown being questioned by authorities about a domestic violence incident that involved his wife, Candice Jimdar, in Arizona this summer in a recently discovered two-hour video. In relation to the incident, Gray—who played Michael Bivins on BET’s The New Edition Story—had been taken into custody.

The video that seems to put into question the veracity of the domestic abuse accusations was made public by the Goodyear Police Department, which was called to the couple’s Arizona home in July of last year. Jimdar allegedly saw texts between Grey and other women on his phone, which is when the incident happened. Grey allegedly threatened her when she was confronted, which prompted a police call.

Throughout the interrogation, Grey is shown on camera defending himself and highlighting the importance of the situation for his career. When questioned about Jimdar’s marital status, he first referred to him as his “best friend,” but he later accepted their connection and described it as “open.”

In addition, Grey said that Jimdar had considered suicide and listed a man named “Mark” as a possible suspect in the crime. He clarified that after he left the house, Jimdar called Mark and implied that Mark might have been accountable for the events that followed. Jimdar, however, denied these allegations, claiming that “Mark” was a made-up moniker Grey used when he wanted to hide his identity.

Jimdar claimed that Grey had bipolar disorder and had refused to take his prescribed medication, but police refuted Gray’s claims. After a thorough investigation, Grey eventually entered a guilty plea to three charges pertaining to the incident.

Bryshere Grey entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 10 days in jail as well as a prison term and three years of probation. The incident is called into question by the film, which also throws light on the actor’s personal life and complicates the legal process.



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