Chaka Khan’s Son, Damien Holland Is Now 44, A Look Inside His Life Years After Being Acquitted

Chaka Khan’s family life is something not often explored while discussing her massive legacy. Becoming a star long before the days of social media and reality television, Khan was able to hold onto some type of anonymity when it came to her world off the stage. Her big voice and substance issues took up enough of the attention. Khan has been married, however, and has two children. Let’s explore her relationship with her son Damien Holland.

Khan was only 17 years old when she got married for the first time to Hassan Khan in 1970. They did not last long, and soon after, she welcomed her first child Indria Millini with a man named Rahsaan Morris. Khan would marry again n 1976 to Richard Holland. They would welcome Damien in 1979. Damien is now 44 years old and has had a pretty tough life living in the shadows of his superstar mother.

Damien would make national headlines after an altercation took place at his mother’s Los Angeles home on September 24th, 2004. Holland moved in a 17-year-old named Christopher Bailey with the goal of producing music for the aspiring rapper. When Damien discovered that Bailey was sleeping with his girlfriend, the two got into an altercation, which resulted in Bailey losing his life.

Chaka stood trial and supported her son through his case. Holland was acquitted in 2006 despite admitting to lying about several things. This included him having a friend punch him in the face and pretending it was Bailey who punched him so that he could say he had probable cause to “defend himself.” Eventually, Chaka and Damien were asked to pay $1.3 million to Christopher Bailey’s family. Chaka’s mother, Sandra Coleman, paid the Bailey family $500k, but reportedly they shelled out more money behind the scenes.

Damien’s legal troubles did not stop there. In 2015 he was in the headlines yet again, this time for a stole vehicle. Holland was found in possession of a white Audi Q5 that was not his while cruising with a friend in Beverly Hills. Holland was arrested and booked on identity theft and possession of stolen property.

Damien’s behavior is so bad that in 2011 his mother had to take over raising his daughter Daija Jade Holland. Just ten years old at the time that she came into grandma’s custody, court filings reveal that both Damien and his baby’s mother were addicted to drugs and could not properly care for Daija Jade. Khan’s daughter Tammy McCrary is listed as Daija’s legal co-parent.

Through it all, Chaka still loves her son and is rooting for him. The star recently wished him a happy birthday on March 22nd. “My son was born [today.] His name is Damien Patrick Holland. He’s a great guy. He’s my favorite guy in all the world. I just want to say how much I love him. Happy birthday, son.” Damien does not appear in the video, but fans in the comments wished him the best as well.

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